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.... yet, I have heard a suggestion that the whole project has yet another delay of a couple of months until October, including the BT deal. I really wish that Sky would come clean and give us a date. We are now 85 days away from the opening of the 2019-20 FAPL season.
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Informed Speculation (which has some sense about it)

HD to be introduced mid July (week beginning 8th July 2019?) on NOW TV devices, all others and BT switch on, up and running by 31 July 2019 ready for HD First Test, Ashes Cricket coverage on 1st August 2019 on all services along with terms changes.

BTTV reconfiguration in week commencing 22nd July 2019.

A poster on the BT Community has ‘got information from BT sales’ that seems to confirm this scenario. We’ll see.
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Do the Beeb offer any kind of beta program? Hmm... this is very odd.

They do for BBC iPlayer on some devices yes but I'm not sure about the news app and either way this is labelled as a "precert" version which means that it hasn't been certified as a public version so it shouldn't even have appeared even if beta was ticked
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So one of the cogs in the HD update, the availability of BT Sport sold by Sky in the UK has been delayed.


This is so annoying.

Oh my god, this and the Now TV 1080p / arriving on BT Boxes has to be one of the LONGEST processes to get up and running. Realistically how long do they actually need its been years!
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