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MetalGearRex1,302 posts since 11 May 2016
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The US 'reality TV' portal Hayu will launch as an app on NOW TV shortly.

Apparently corresponds with a new deal signed between Sky and NBCUniversal.

Also, Syfy is launching on the Entertainment Pass as a result of said deal.

Excellent news about SyFy.

Yep. Syfy's quite an alright channel; great to see it come to NOW TV. Adds an extra spice of variety to the Entertainment Pass.
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Seems to be a decent offer through the NowTV site at the moment (for me anyway) as a new customer:

Entertainment Pass £6.99
Sky Cinema Pass £9.99
Fab Fibre £18.00
Pay as you use calls £0.00
Line rental £17.99
Your Combo Offer -£12.99
Total £39.98
Cost after 12m offer £52.97

What you’ll pay today
NOW TV Hub Included
NOW TV Smart Box Included
Fibre set up fee £22.00
Total £22.00

Bearing in mind I'm paying Sky £28 for Sky+ (basic and movies) and TalkTalk effectively £25 a month as it is, the fact I can have "pay TV", phone and fibre for just £40 a month is really tempting as I'm at the end of my TalkTalk contract and they can't (or won't) give me a retention deal. So I may be jumping on board NowTV soon Smile

There are plenty of passes available on Amazon - four months Sky Movies/Cinema pass for £24 for example and I gather looking through the thread there's many options to avoid having to pay full price at all...
MetalGearRex1,302 posts since 11 May 2016
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I'm perfectly happy with 720p and will be an improvement on TalkTalk where I think all of the pay channels are 480p including Sky Cinema? And you get Sky Atlantic which is a Sky/NOW TV exclusive.

720p is serviceable on NOW TV and looks really great - but not all channels are fully 720p on the service (GOLD, Comedy Central, Discovery, Cartoon Network).

TalkTalk as you've mentioned, is 576i for all of its channels - but from what I've read the PQ isn't too bad. However, it's the only provider of the 4 that is sorely lacking in HD content.
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