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BT doesn't stand for British Telecom any more - in the same way KFC doesn't stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken, and BHS didn't stand for British Home Stores.

Try telling that to KFC and the last iteration of BHS...

I didn’t think KFC ever use Kentucky Fried Chicken anymore? Not seen that BHS logo, but that was probably its dying throes. Another one is BP, which no longer stands for British Petroleum.
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This article shows exactly what BT should have done years ago:



It also points out the flaws in the current typeface.

What nonsense. I could understand the criticism if it was referring to a typeface and not two letters in a logo. The process consisted of:
  1. Bugger about with the lettering in a way that shows the original actually looks quite good
  2. Choose a new colour that is worse than the current
  3. Try and remove anything distinctive about the lettering
  4. Decide they can't improve on it and decide to follow the fad of lower case initialisms
  5. Choose a font for "BT" that was dated in 2008 and looks awful now
  6. Try and hide their shame a bit and surround the new typeface with the globe
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I'm sure most phone boxes by me don't have any branding now, plain windows with one or two sides covered in adverts, often they don't even seem to have a door on anymore.

One of the two local phone boxes here was converted into an ATM with the payphone (the early 90s style with a coin slot) one the side of it.

The only 'modern' adaptation was the mag stripe reader added in the noughties.