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Agrees to lower bitrates in Europe and UK due to Covid 19 (March 2020)

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Just watched the first instalment, looks great, although I can't get the idea that some 'processing' of the video has been done out of my head, it simply looks 'too perfect'.

If the trailer's anything to go by it looks like an episode of Utopia .
I watched a bit and didn't get it at all. What they're doing isn't really A Thing is it? It hasn't managed the top 10 in the UK yet.
I assumed it was yet another Love Productions spin-off from The Great British Bake Off, but it looks like that is what ITV Studios want you to think.
DVB Cornwall
I'm watching it at a leisurely pace, it really can't decide what it is as a programme. The visuals are stunning, but there's no continuity with the tasks, making giant animals with plants and assorted herbage is fine, but then to add 'the contents of a junk yard' to the mix seemed to hopelessly confuse the contestants, and if I'm typical the audience. I'll stick a it, despite the ridiculously short length of the episodes, some characters amongst the participants are appearing.

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