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james-20016,422 posts since 13 Sep 2015
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How long in terms of time was a Betamax L750 tape?

90 mins in "B1" mode.

Or 180 in B2, which was the standard speed on most machines after a few years. And that was the NTSC speed, a bit of research shows PAL/SECAM B2 was 195 minutes on a L-750 tape. In fact all the references I find only list the one speed for PAL/SECAM, so was there ever a B1 or B3 equivalent on PAL machines?
Ne1L C1,822 posts since 11 Sep 2011
There always seemed to be a bit more tape length then stated on the box. A three hour tape seemed to have 2-3 minutes more. Waiting for the duration counter to state how much time was available could be nerve wracking.