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Itv signal problems

(September 2019)

paulw Granada North West Today
I have recently started to have problems with sending ITV channels to other rooms in the house.
I have a VM Tivo box.
I feed the main tv and others elsewhere via the Rf output of an old VCR.The signal is split via a co-ax splitter/amp.
Itv channels and channel 5 etc are fine on cable but are breaking up on the main tv when selecting the feed from the roof aerial. Also these channels are not working in other rooms. Plus I have lost the digital signal in other rooms .
I have checked all cables and connectors.
Could the splitter/amp be at fault,if so how to test?
paulw Granada North West Today
PS The main tv is connected to the Tivo via HDMI -no problems
Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I'm going to guess that your local transmitter has moved frequencies and one of the muxes is now on the same channel as your VCR output which is why you can't receive the cable output in other rooms.

That would also explain losing ITV on Freeview if it's that mux that your VCR is interfering with or if it's now on a frequency which is out of band for your aerial.
Write that down in your copybook now.
paulw Granada North West Today
Seems to be sorted now.
I tried a third scart lead from Tivo to VCR and all is working, so two faulty scarts?

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