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I've installed Sky Go on a firetv stick and whilst I can select it from the apps menu it doesn't work. There's a blue background for a second and then it returns to the apps menu. Can anyone help?
Larry the Loafer5,760 posts since 2 Jul 2005
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Sky and Amazon don't like each other anyway, hence why Prime Video isn't on Now TV devices. But even if they did Sky have all sorts of security gubbins to prevent Sky Go being used over HDMI. The only option is paying for Sky Go Extra and using a games console. Even if you get it to run on an iffy Android box, it's almost impossible to control because the app relies on touch inputs.
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Funny enough, Now TV does work with Fire tablets and I wouldn't be surprised if Sky Go does too. However, I did sideload the Play Store to run on a Fire Tablet, but once you're done, it recognises the Fire as an Android device and you can stream NOW content.
Steve in Pudsey10,697 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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Sky Go works very nicely on my Fire HD 10. I too sideloaded the Play Store so may have aquired it from there.

If you have been with Sky for a while, check out the VIP rewards thing, I get free Sky Go Extra from it, which is handy for loading up the tablet with stuff to watch offline during flights
Write that down in your copybook now.
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