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I'm wondering if I may tap into some of the impressive expertise of members with this question.

A couple of years ago or so, various channels shifted around on the Winter Hill transmitter. I have 3 TVs all connected to the same aerial via a signal booster/splitter situated in the loft. Prior to the channel reshuffle, I received everything perfectly on all 3 TVs. Since then, however, I lost reception of BBC News HD (and some other channels, BBC Four HD as well, I think) on my kitchen Samsung TV. However, reception of BBC News HD remains to this day on the other two Sony TVs.

My initial reaction was that the transmission power had been cut and since the kitchen TV is the furthest away from the aerial, the signal had dropped out. But, the problem I have with this theory is that both the signal strength and quality of BBC News HD on the Sony TVs is a rock-solid 100%. There's absolutely no indication of reception issues at the aerial.

The other oddity is that except for the mux that carries BBC News HD, everything else is received perfectly by the kitchen TV with absolutely no dropouts whatsoever. I even plugged one of the Sony TVs into the kitchen aerial wall socket and, to my amazement, BBC News HD was received perfectly with signal quality of a solid 100% and signal strength at 80%.

The only conclusion I can draw is that something changed in the way this mux is broadcast that isn't compatible with my Samsung TV. I'm certain it can't be a reception issue.

Has anyone ever come across anything like this before? Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I'm on Winter Hill and as you used to get all the muxes with no issue but for the last year or so it is intermittent not so much on the BBC News HD mux (COM 7) but on the BBC Four HD mux (COM 8 ). In my case I'd say my Samsung probably receives it best.
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Does your Samsung TV indicate signal strength and quality on channel 55 (746MHz) which is the Com 7 Mux that has BBC News HD on it?
If you can receive the BBC B Mux - which has all the usual PSB HD channels on, then your Samsung ought to be able to receive the Com 7 mux, as the parameters are almost identical.
The BBC B mux is on channel 54 by way of comparison. It might be worth looking at the comparative levels between these two adjacent channels - is the BBC mux much higher in level that the Com 7 one?
If Com 7 is there, but at low or no quality, then reducing the gain of your amplifier may help.
It might be that your Sony TV can cope better with higher level signals than the Samsung.
All a bit of a guess I'm afraid!
Note that on the 20th Feb, Com 8 will move to channel 56 from Winter Hill, and on the 22nd April there are yet more changes.
Details here
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