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noggin Founding member
All shot those Canon SLR-like cameras now aren’t they? 300s?

C300s are single-sensor cameras - but they are pretty high quality ones that hit EBU tiering for both sensor and codec performance (and you can shoot 50Hz as well as 25Hz on them...)

They are a big step-up in quality from most DSLRs and generate very decent pictures if operated well.
noggin Founding member
I saw an episode of the Antiques Roadshow being shot last year (wasn't planned, just happened to be where they were doing it that day), and they were definately still using proper TV cameras.

Almost all 'proper' cameras sold these days will do both 1080/50i and 1080/25p (though it is sometimes a licensed option to enable 25p). That said - not all cameras do 25p, the cheaper models are sometimes 1080i/720p only - like the HSC 300s used in NBH (but I believe the HSC 300RF has 25p an option...)

AIUI Antiques Roadshow switched from shooting 1080/50i on 2/3" sensor cameras (like HDC2500/PMW500s) to 1080/25p on large sensor cameras (like the F5/F55).

There is no reason you have to shoot 25p on these cameras (it's perfectly possible to shoot 50i on most of them - I've certainly done it with F55s) - but the 25p decision is a production one.
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