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dvboy8,857 posts since 11 Jan 2003
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I cancelled mine after the US Open when I discovered thr service on my Samsung TV was broke - and months later still is.

Ridiculous pricing stragedy and no surprise they've had to slash the pricing. Was thinking of getting it back for the Aus Open, but really want it back on my TV rather than having to cast it.

It's also on TV Player Plus if that works, although that only gives you Eurosport 1 and 2, not the extra content. I have subscribed for all the tennis and cycling that will be on it throughout the year.
Brekkie28,055 posts since 4 Jan 2003
HTV Wales Wales Today
Did go for the £19.99 offer in the end as I wanted to watch Murray v Djokovic yesterday and wasn't paying more than I use to pay a month for the privelege. Can't really grumble at getting two exclusive grand slams for less than £20 but still having to cast it rather than watch it via my TV. I really think as the Olympic broadcaster they need to be available via as many platforms as possible - so that means expanding the number of TVs they're available on, not withdrawing their services from them.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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Interestingly some Eurosport content, requiring sign-on, (the catch-up video) has now appeared on AppleTV via a non descript App. I suspect this is the start of development of a full service on the platform.

EDIT ...
Seemingly an 'unofficial' AppleTV app, now being monitored by Eurosport.
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