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Granada North West Today
I don't have an account there and, for some reason, it keeps saying I am solving the Captcha incorrectly even though I'm not - any idea what's going on?

Hmm, perhaps try sending an email to the admin? There's a contact link on the Metropol homepage. I've had trouble recently signing up to a forum where the Captcha didn't work.

Failing that, I'd suggest putting them in a ZIP file and uploading to a site like MEGA or WeTransfer.
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VMPhil8,747 posts since 31 Mar 2005
Granada North West Today
By pure coincidence I was rewatching some old (old old old) HIGNFY today and noticed that series 1 was in mono, and series 2 onwards (from Autumn 1991) was in stereo with again some interesting mixing decisions - Ian and guest on the left, Paul and guest on the right, Angus in the centre, reflecting the real life setup. You can still hear it through the bad compression on here:

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I don't see how else it would be done, you want to match what's being seen on screen.

The sudden change on in HIGNFY might be because of a change in studio, it did change a few times until it settled on The South Bank
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
This is a TOTP performance from May 1988 in stereo. The Radio 1 FM simulcast didn't start until September, so it appears they were producing the show in stereo long before then. I wonder when stereo TOTP broadcasts started from Crystal Palace.

Last nights TOTP on BBC4 seemed to have a stereo track in places - could it be, then, that it was being producted in stereo as early as August 1984? Surprised
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Also worth considering that in the early days of stereo many broadcasters ran in M/S rather than L/R for both production and recording - so the recordings could have Mono Sum and Stereo Difference tracks.