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Why is it only available on apps?

I presume these Discovery+ originals will also show up on the regular linear Discovery channels after a certain timeframe? Like a second window
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Discovery offering a three month free offer to Blue Light Workers today.

(and can a Mod amend the title of this thread to Discovery+, please?)
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Does anyone else have awful issues with the iOS app not correctly saving where you last finished a programme (I always cast to Chromecast)? A lot of the time I'll click resume and it will start somewhere completely different earlier on in the episode or it will say the next episode is one I've already watched. I've tried reinstalling the app and contacted Discovery+ directly who to be fair were very good at responding to this and a number of other complaints and suggestions, but the problem still persists. It's driving me mad and I just want to watch my 90 Day Fiance dross in peace.

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This is now available as an app on Samsung TVs.

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