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Why is it only available on apps?

james-2001 Central (East) East Midlands Today

I see Acorn are advertising now which have quietly been streaming British TV abroad for a few years now and are now launching in the UK. An obvious candidate for BritBox to swallow up at some point.

They've been in the UK for a while, their app's been on Roku at least for as long as I've had the box in March.
gottago London London
I'm finding the iOS app very buggy for what is supposed to be a premium service. It struggles to properly log what I've watched and where I finished watching in an episode, I find that when I pick a channel from the list of logos I'll go back to that page and the logos will now not match up to the channel name beneath them, there's no download facility, there's annoying bitty things like tapping on a show and it only shows three episodes and then a 'view more' button, what's the point in that? Just display them all like Netflix or any other service would. The holding page before they launched made it look like it was going to be really swish product but it's not much better than Dplay was which was also far from perfect.
This can't be good for the linear channels at all? I see lots of new US series from Discovery/TLC now as Discovery+ exclusives/originals for the UK. And this is even before Discovery announce their new streaming service for the US which I'm sure will have the best of the programming for Discovery + US/UK. Up until now Discovery focused solely on content for their linear channels (one of the last big media companies) now everything is pivoting to streaming. I think it will definitely be a different story when the pay Discovery channels come up for renewal again? Could we see Discovery go to the same extremes as Disney in the UK?
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As others have said, you can’t really compare Discovery and Disney. Disney+ is probably a default in millions of households purely for something to occupy the kids (or bigger kids ). They could stop adding anything and it would still tick over on archive alone.

I see Discovery+ as just an attempt to get more direct revenue, cutting out Sky/VM’s share for some, whilst maintaining the linear channels for everyone else. (As per Eurosport Player).
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Are the linear channels streamed on Discovery+?
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Resolutions as given by the browser version.

VOD: Up to 1920x1080p

Live Channels:

Discovery History Up to 1024x576 SD
Discovery up to 1920x1080p HD
TLC up to 1920x1080p HD
Quest up to 1920x1080p HD
Really up to 1024x576 SD
Animal Planet up to 1920x1080p HD
ID up to 1024x576 SD
Quest Red up to 1024x576 SD (The highest resolution has two bitrates)
HGTV up to 1024x576 SD
Food Network up to 1024x576 SD
Discovery Science up to 1024x576 SD
Discovery Turbo up to 1024x576 SD
DMAX up to 1024x576 SD

So in conclusion FHD for the main Sky/Virgin core Discovery channels, high quality SD for the Freeview channels except Quest which is FHD and for the lower end channels like Turbo, Science and History.

Are the linear channels streamed on Discovery+?

I refer the honourable Gentleman to Mr Lite's previous post in this thread.
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DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Presentation by Discovery in progress .... EUROSPORT (including Olympics) content to be added to Discovery+ in Europe.

Sports content to cost more.
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Hatton Cross Central (West) Midlands Today
So, a sports fan, like London, will find themselves trapped in a two tier system?

One price for Discovery+, with an add on price to access what was on the Eurosport Player content?

Interesting move. Be interesting to see if it really catches on. If you are a sports fan, paying for the D+ content, which you might never watch, before you shell out more to get to the sport might be prohibitive.
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dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
I've not found anything yet to suggest that Eurosport won't be available standalone as it is now.
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In the European markets launching in 2021, discovery+ will be supported by Eurosport’s unrivalled, premium and locally-relevant multi-sport offering, which includes the tennis Grand Slams, cycling Grand Tours, motorsport, football and winter sports. Beginning with the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year, it will become the streaming Home of the Olympics* in Europe with access to every minute, every medal, and every hero live and on demand.

There's no way that they'll duplicate the content across two platforms, there might be a Sport only subscription though.

from ....
dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
They already do across, Eurosport Player and add-ons to Prime Video and DAZN...

What they've announced today, despite mentioning Eurosport and the Olympics, is very US-centric and doesn't go into the level of detail to suggest it's replacing anything.
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DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
From Eurosport Care on Twitter ....

Hey Christopher, thanks for reaching out. Until Discovery+ launches and Eurosport is introduced onto the service in your country, Eurosport Player will continue to be available, but after then Eurosport Player will be phased out. Let me know if you have any questions.

I think that satisfactorily confirms the statements made on the 90 minute Discovery+ video presentation I watched yesterday Razz

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