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Why is it only available on apps?

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Why is dplay only available on Android and Apple devices or their website? Its quite irritating that its not available on your telly unless you have Chromecast or Apple TV where you can mirror your device. I've not tried the Apple lightning to HDMI cable so no clue if that works?

I'm surprised it hasn't been added as an app to YouView boxes and NOW TV sticks for example?
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As with Premier Sports lack of Connected TV apps, it appears to be a dark art as to where apps will or won't feature. At least BT Sport will be available soon across all major platforms. I'd love to see some research into this subject across genres and service providers.

I've never really followed the economics of free to user app deployment, presumably there's a platform hosting fee to be paid somewhere along the road to initial and continued deployment It's clear that paid for services can add this cost to subscriptions to recover this effectively.

AppleTV and Amazon have an issue in that to access some app content users have to be subscribers of the host's own services, AppleTV+ and Prime Video too as they branch off these rather than sitting natively on the platform.

It appears to be a minefield for the user and their choice of receivers or STBs.
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Platform hosting fees, revenue sharing agreements (whether subscription revenue or ad revenue) - it all adds up to messy and complex contract negotiations I'd expect.

Probably the same reason you don't see HBO Max on Roku for example.

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The iOS app is broken. The audio goes out of sync frequently, and it occasionally starts playing an ad break if you skip forward 10 seconds, even if you’re nowhere near the next break.

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