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VMPhil10,228 posts since 31 Mar 2005
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Taking a rare trip into Neon to post this since I didn't think it fit in the YouTube Gold thread, but still wanted to share it.

Looks as though YouTube is letting people have DOGs, or watermarks which would be a better term in this instance, overlaid onto their videos. I first saw this on this video, I haven't found other videos/channels which do so yet:

Fortunately they can be turned off by turning annotations off, but you can't individually turn them off like with other annotations.

YouTube is getting more and more like TV by the day it seems.
bilky asko5,688 posts since 9 Sep 2006
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It will probably stem from those who watermark their videos for branding purposes, but want to be able to update them to their latest logo when the time comes. Also, it would allow videos to be watermarked after the fact.

As long as annotations aren't distracting, I leave them on - I expect this will be the same.