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Central (East) East Midlands Today
The European social media seems to have kicked in today. The Simpsons doughnut is notably missing on the UK hello video.

Looks like no Simpsons in the UK then.
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It would be helpful to know exactly what is going to be on this service ahead of inviting people to pre-pay.

Where does Disney + fit in the release window? Presumably Sky maintain first run pay rights on movies, but with Disney + ahead of any terrestrial premieres?
Neil Jones6,192 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Interesting that other streamers are set to offer deals to try and short circuit Disney+ Starzplay being the first to go public with a 99p per m/3 month offer launched today.

You can get Amazon prime half price and a few months free if you're a student. Plus you get 30 days free trial for new to Prime.
Netflix used to do 30 day trials but for some reason they've stopped doing that. They might come back. Offers on Netflix are rarer than rocking horse poo so take it or leave it.
NowTV I believe is initial trial and full of offers from here there and everywhere, its almost impossible not to be on a deal of some sort. Anybody on Now TV who isn't on a deal isn't trying hard enough. Sky (TV) deals are on all the time but you're committed for 18 months and compared to a lot of other services isn't particularly cheap in the first place.
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Agreed, but the Starz one is clearly on the back of Disney's forthcoming launch and not a 'normal' offer. Hardly a spoiler but poking a stick at both the newcoming streamer and potential subscribers whose awareness of Starz may be limited or zero currently.