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Re: Simpsons - its the cropped FX versions.

It's not universally cropped - I've just watched 22 Short Films About Springfield (where else to start), and in the Steamed Hams skit, some shots are cropped, and some are Shatliffed to make the jokes work. I'm not sure which is worse really. I'll include some screengrabs from my laptop later, because the Android app doesn't let you take them.

just to correct myself, the shot I thought was Shatliffed wasn't, but some others have definitely been squashed, eg:
which should have course look like

someone must have put a lot of effort into going through this shot-by-shot in order to make it look a bit crap...
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This is another one of the infamous cropped shots, why they couldn't have panned up and left all the sign in is a mystery. It actually looks like they cropped everything off the top and nothing off the bottom, so it'slike they just left it centred. Unless they considered the dirt to be more important than the joke on the sign.


The "HD" versions of the episodes are so poor in so many places, you wonder how they got allowed through. They were clearly so desperate to get widescreen and "HD" versions, they rushed the whole process. And now it seems we're stuck with these copies, like Star Wars fans are stuck with George Lucas's endless tinkering.

The Buffy HD remasters (also done by Fox) are just as infamous. Though at least they did rescan the original film in HD for that, unlike The Simpsons which is just the SD tapes cropped, upscaled and put through some sort of processing to sharpen the lines, clean up film dirt and brighten the colours.
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Well since we're now effectively in lockdown, perhaps its an ideal time for people to learn that old stuff isn't pillar boxed for fun, its done for a reason. To stop it looking crap and distorted. Simple as.

I sometimes wonder if people think, when they watch Keeping Up Appearances in stretchyvision, that Patricia Routledge always looked like that...

I thought Disney did a U-turn and said they'd reinstate the 4:3 versions of The Simpsons after a backlash in the US. Did I just make that up?

That was for the launch of the US version of Disney+. Apparently they're going to "fix" it. In 2020.