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Neil Jones6,153 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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If I play it full screen on my desktop it fills the entire screen (I am 1920x1080 on a laptop which is 16:9) so its probably safe to assume its cropped.

If i play it in the browser window, there are black bars either side of it but I'm not convinced it's 4:3, considering I've only just gone through the title sequence and the top of somebody's hat has been chopped off in that view...

Re: Simpsons - its the cropped FX versions.
james-20016,013 posts since 13 Sep 2015
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I have a feeling Disney's promise to give us the 4:3 versions was an empty one if they haven't managed it by now.

Same for the cropped versions of other shows, even if they haven't had as much attention. We're paying for this after all, we should have a choice to watch these shows properly. It's not even consistent, as they have HD remasters of a couple of other 80s/90s cartoons that are in 4:3.
Kunst457 posts since 29 Jun 2016
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On Chrome the service (Italy) is already available, with dubs on most shows in Italian, but you can tell it's still thel Dutch version (and with English inscriptions), and many programmes are still lacking

Probably the same for the UK, until later
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Re: Simpsons - its the cropped FX versions.

It's not universally cropped - I've just watched 22 Short Films About Springfield (where else to start), and in the Steamed Hams skit, some shots are cropped, and some are Shatliffed to make the jokes work. I'm not sure which is worse really. I'll include some screengrabs from my laptop later, because the Android app doesn't let you take them.