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bilky asko5,793 posts since 9 Sep 2006
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Doncaster Free Press posted:
The controversial South Yorkshire Digital Region project is to be shut down, after bosses admitted it was not financially viable.

Doncaster Council has put in millions of pounds into the project which was designed to give the region an advantage in high tech industries through a superfast broadband system.

But today the councils involved in the scheme put out a statement which said shareholders in the scheme had agreed to halt their search for a private sector partner following increased uncertainty and risk around compatibility of future funding with EU state aid rules.

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This was inevitable, and will inevitably cause problems for some. Still, I think it was well overdue.
dosxuk4,566 posts since 22 Oct 2005
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I live about 25m from a Digital Region cabinet, put in specifically for my apartment block and the other two on the other side of the road. None of the blocks can sign up though, as the BT connection point is actually within the apartment complexes and therefore in private property which Digital Region couldn't run to.

Complete farse which could have been much better with some thinking and cooperation.