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So Digiguide used to be great, and for £10-£15 a year not too pricey, and IMO still easier than an EPG just to look at a glance at what's coming up either now or in the near future, plus obviously goes over 7 days.

It's been something I've renewed for years without question, and probably would again if they had an Android App. But recently they've been slower to update both listings and channels, and frankly TV just isn't as interesting anymore and I feel no rush to find out what's on TV in two weeks time. The only thing I probably find it useful for it sports channels listings - most TV guides don't list all of them now and with me watching Sky Sports via Now TV I only get Now/Next guides, then I'm using different platforms for BT Sport (which has a decent enough TV guide in it's app) and Eurosport Player (which had a decent enough guide until it's recent revamp which ruined most things about it!).

There are obviously various online TV guides now which will offer you 7 day listings, which is fine, and I use the Youview app myself too, while Digiguide itself offer a free package and a £2.99 premium package for online access, which I'm tempted by just so it's on my tablet rather than PC. Just wondering if anyone else has gone for that, or is that just paying for content which is freely available anyway.
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I'm still using it, but only really because they gave me a few years free for helping with some listings, and I keep getting subscription extensions from referrers who keep renewing. I think I have 2-3 years left.

It's not the product it was. Development has stopped, customer service is almost non-existant and the quality of listings has gone down, but where else can you get 7+ days of searchable and mark-able listings?
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