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Cardiffian8 posts since 28 Apr 2016
Do Sky still offer the choice of paying £10 a month for a Sky+ subscription to FSFS customers to rewind, live pause and record FTA/FTV channels only?
We've just recently cancelled our Sky subscription but I still want to be able to access all of my FTA channel recordings and record FTA channels without changing my equipment.

You can but that's £120 a year every year ongoing and there's no guarantee you can still see your recordings but FTA should be okay. FTV channels may be different. Personally I don't think its worth paying £120 a year just for the basic Sky+ recording but its up to you.

It will potentially only be for a few months then I'll be moving out anyway, so I'm looking at £60 - £70 to keep the recording functionality until September compared to £200+ for a new Humax Freesat box. It seems cheaper just to keep the recording function on my existing Sky box for a few months.
Interceptor649 posts since 20 Oct 2014
Might be worth logging in to your old Sky account and ask if there's any offers for former customers. The last couple of times I have they've given me half price plus a massive account credit with no contract. I have no intention of paying more than £10/month overall, so will give notice next time a bill is generated with any amount on it (and then I expect the same thing will happen again).
Neil Jones4,023 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Sky offers are fairly easy to get, usually just phone them up and say I want out. Typically instant offer there and then, often somewhere up to 35% off. Some people on various forums claim they managed to get anywhere from the plausible 60%/65% off up to the (possibly mythical?) 95% off, though these days you typically have to play hardball to get over 30% off.

Sky did use to throw retention deals out left right and centre but they're harder to get now - the trend may be to actually cancel and come back to them a few days later to get a decent % discount.
Gary McEwan3,028 posts since 23 May 2011
STV Central Reporting Scotland
A good trick to get the best out of Sky is to speak them on webchat which is based offshore, they usually give you a ridiculously good deal to stay with them. Then you call the call centre and advise them that webchat offered you X Y Z, and at that point they say that it's not longer available.

You then say that you will cancel, you'll get put on hold for a few minutes, usually its less than this and the person on the phone will offer you something even better than webchat offered. 60/65% is definitely possible if you know to play the system to your own benefit.