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dosxuk4,330 posts since 22 Oct 2005
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It’s going between 25fps and 50fps I just don’t think iptv is cut out just yet.

If it's flipping between two different qualities like that it suggests that the player at your end is trying to maximise the quality against your bandwidth. It's not going to be happening at the source.

There is an argument to be had about the automatic quality selection being a bit aggressive on many of the streaming platforms, often I'd rather have a lower quality stream that will play without issues than a nicer quality feed for 50% of the time and it flapping between the two like a pub sign in a hurricane. But then I chose to watch stuff when I'm interested in the content rather than the pixels (get enough of that at work thank you very much).
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harshy6,317 posts since 24 Mar 2001
It didn’t even work in UHD it buffered bad in HD.

On your network and with your equipment. On many others a near flawless experience was obtained.

Didn’t even work for people I work with probably works for you with your fancy fibre connection down south!
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