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Beeb - A New BBC Voice Assistant

(August 2019)

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DVB Cornwall
I've done some digging on this, a former colleague told me that apparently Amazon, Google and Apple are preparing to offer extensions on their operating systems which will take users out of the global Alexa, Hello Google and Siri environments, over and above that currently offered by Skills etc. The host will keep listening for native operating commands but will on request such as ....

'Alexa open Beeb' will also open parallel access to the BBC

'Beeb play Radio One' or 'Beeb play the current Brexitcast' will then do the relevant actions.

After no activity for a period, say 15 mins, the access to the extended app will automatically revoke and will need requesting again. Additionally apps connected to the relevant operating system such as Apple's Home will enable users to block certain extensions thus adding control to the master user of the device.

This is a clever device as it will enable apps such as Spotify to also offer their users tailored services via their own resources.

We'll see what happens.
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There's a BBC skill that will answer to "Alexa, ask BBC to play Just A Minute" and so on (and, once playing you can say "Alexa, previous/next episode"), and you can already ask Alexa to play the live stations directly. So, not knowing what else "Beeb" will offer yet, so far it only seems to offer the slight "convenience" of not having to ask via Alexa (for fifteen minutes, by which time you'll forget and it'll just be annoying to have to keep re-enabling)...
"[Name of voice assistant], get the Beeb to play BBC World Service!"

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