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Does anyone know how to get the BBC News channel feed on an Irish Sky+HD Box?
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Press Services.
Scroll over to “Add Channels” (under Options)
Enter the Frequency, Polarisation, Symbol Rate and FEC.
Press the yellow “Find Channels” button.

BBC News SD.

Frequency: 10.81750 GHz
Vertical polarisation
Modulation: DVB-S, QPSK
Symbol rate: 22.0 Mbaud
FEC 5/6
Transport Stream ID: 2048
SID: 10358


Astra 2G (28.2° East)
Transponder 61
Frequency: 11 .02325 GHz
Horizontal polarisation
Modulation: DVB-S2, 8PSK
Symbol rate: 23.0 Mbaud
FEC 2/3
Transport Stream ID: 2061
SID: 8921