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How the new local evening shows are spreading. (October 2018)

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Yet look at what the BBC are doing with the local radio evening slot.

Putting on off-target programming which targets everyone and nobody to tick a box, while the rest of the station targets the over 50s in Tony Hall's attempt to target everyone, while what should be happening is a gradual broad radio station that provides, news, information and entertainment that doesn't involve playing Genesis and Simply Red between lazy padded features for the rest of the day.

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I don't recognise what you are saying here in what I can hear on BBC Radio Cornwall & BBC Radio Devon. Off target? Off whose target? BBC Local Radio isn't just about over 50s anymore. The target audience these days is 35+, though most of the audience will still be over 50.

The evening slot is not a slot where news and information should dominate, but music and entertainment should, and rightly it does now. The old network evening show seemed to think information was what people wanted at 7pm, and as a result was the textbook definition of worthy but dull. Now, the evening shows, at least the ones I can hear regularly, are light and informal, with the capacity to handle live severe weather and travel situations if needed.

I think we should be weary of overly relying on the BBC to be the home of news on radio, especially on the local radio side. It would not be good to have just one editiorial agenda dominating the local news scene. We need commercial radio news as well to be part and parcel of the news landscape, and the same goes for community radio as well.

Breakfast and Drivetime are the times when listeners most need news and information content, but outside of that, you should be having more music and entertainment programming on BBC Local Radio. The last thing we need to be describing BBC Local Radio as is worthy but dull.
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