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BBC iPlayer subtitles

It's all gone too big

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We're looking into this and we'll...

...wait til everyone's used to it.
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Annabel Pollock & Dominic Mansi:

Thanks VMPhil and here are some people to email.

9 days later

Another useless response from the BBC.

<Dear  Audience Member 

Thanks for the feedback and the details you’ve provided on the size of subtitles on your TV.

Our Product Team has looked into this and believe this is current expected behaviour. However, they are continuing to investigate this and if anything changes we’ll reflect this on our BBC iPlayer help site:

We can also advise that we’re exploring introducing functionality that would allow viewers to adjust the size of subtitles on this platform in future.

Please be assured that your feedback has been registered and shared with the wider BBC iPlayer team.

Thanks again for contacting us.

Kind Regards

BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds Support Team >
See my earlier posts - and the RTS Video has some good email adresses..
I think there are two problems
a) the TT is not being properly rendered/ scaled
b) the artistic default size of the subtiltes when there is no Option to change it is too big perhaps
you will note that BBC SD DVB subtitles are smaller (And More correct) than Ofcom regulated channels

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