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BBC iPlayer Radio released in the US and ROI

Rest of the world soon according to BBC iPlayer Radio Twitter feed. (July 2016)

The recently announced global expansion of the BBC's iPlayer Radio app has reached North America, with the app now officially available to download on iOS and Android mobiles and tablets in the US.

The app will automatically default to BBC World Service English, becoming a new portable method of listening to the BBC's international service. Other BBC stations are available to listen via the app, but during the forthcoming Rio Olympics some BBC output may be temporarily unavailable, as was the case in 2012 on internet platforms, due to broadcast rights restrictions.

The iPlayer Radio was made officially available in Ireland earlier this month, as the first non-UK location for the app. The BBC will make the service available in further international territories in the coming weeks and months. Users who have downloaded the iPlayer Radio app on their phones and tablets in the UK are able to take the service with them when they travel outside of the country.
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99 days later

It's a shame that I'm unable to download new programmes whilst in North America, though I can see why. That would be handy.

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