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BBC I player app updated, now dog slow

BBC have updated their app. (April 2017)

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It seems the BBC have updated their Samsung TV app. Now it's become dog slow. The only difference I can see is a purple/black type background. It does not appear to do anything new, anyone else noticed? Would anyone also know if you can revert to an old version?

The TV is two years old.
I have a Samsung 2016 series Smart TV, iPlayer seems as normal for me.
I also have a 2016 Samsung and BBC iplayer has the new purple background, and works ok for me too. Perhaps try re-booting the set?
I fear my two year old TV will soon be too old. I tried a re-boot but it seems my TV cannot handle it well. I can't see any new features to a mystery as to why it's slow. Something must be going on in the background.


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