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Granada North West Today
From a516:

Current weather conditions may cause disruption to your Freeview, FM or DAB radio reception this week.

High pressure and the associated current situation in the troposphere is helping radio waves to travel further, in turn interfering with local signals using the same frequencies - so-called 'co-channel interference'. Forecasts indicate that the problem, which started to appear over the weekend, could affect more people as the week progresses.

The advice being given to viewers who experience picture blocking, or suddenly lose some or all Freeview channels is not to retune - as the channels should return on their own when conditions return to normal. Retuning could in this instance make matters worse - as it could allow the TV to store channels from normally weaker transmitters with the wrong regional news or channels from neighbouring countries, which in turn will require a further retune to rectify when conditions improve.

On DAB, interfering signals may temporarily affect reception, but will return to normal when weather conditions change. On FM, stations from further afield may be audible above local stations, and you may see some new station names on your car radio's RDS display.

For some, the opportunity to receive distant TV and radio stations is a golden opportunity. Long distance radio enthusiasts use such conditions to record and log the different stations they can receive. The DX Info Centre website provides a forecast indicating when weather conditions are likely to be suitable for long distance reception.

Getting worse before it gets better
Currently the DX Info Centre website indicates that after initially affecting many parts of eastern Britain and the near continent at the beginning of the week, the potential for reception issues spreads widely across south-east and southern England and later the south-west and Wales on Tuesday. By Wednesday 8th June, most of the UK will be subject to unstable or variable reception, with increased reception problems likely around the coasts.

In Southern England, additional TV transmitters were set up at digital switchover to improve the robustness of TV reception. Where problems persist for longer periods, viewers along the South Coast may want to check with a local aerial installer if there's a better option for Freeview reception, especially if their aerial system hasn't changed since before switchover.

Freesat and Sky reception is unaffected by these conditions.

Alternative - Stream live TV
You can also stream live TV channels via the BBC iPlayer (BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, BBC News, BBC Parliament, BBC Alba and S4C), ITV Hub (ITV (1)-4, CITV), All4 (Channel 4's services). TVPlayer.com offers live streaming of many major free-to-air channels all in one place.


Anybody here been having problems with Freeview or able to pick up stations whilst DXing?
A former member
Sky has been affected, I was unable to get a number in channels, yesterday.
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This must explain why I get getting either a German or Dutch station (wasn't listening closely enough to directly identify which) interfering when I was driving yesterday (103.2, driving between Newark and Mansfield). I remember thinking it was odd when none of the adverts were in English!

Just an extension of what happens most evenings on AM/MW stations (and possibly Long/Short Wave too) after dark. FM doesn't normally suffer from this type of interference.

Always remember went on holiday to the coast one year (somewhere on the East coast) and took a portable radio with me. Picked up no end of European stations on AM after dark. Couldn't understand a damn word mind you but anyway... Smile