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New Basic Tier Subscription due Q42020 (September 2017)

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DVB Cornwall
The suggestion I heard was that they would build this onto their existing CDN, enabling linear distribution. Catchup being offered using their existing 'rental space' albeit enhanced.
I’m assuming Apple will have add on channels much like Amazon does
rdd Founding member
Does going down that avenue sit well with the (albeit limited) work Apple have done with getting pay TV providers to use this as their set top box? I am thinking obviously eir TV but also the T-Mobile US deal. Going down the road of becoming a pay-TV company in their own right (if I am understanding what you are saying correctly) - surely these companies would not set up a system where their set top box provider is also a competitor in their own right?

A deal with MGM would be interesting - particularly if it allowed Apple TV to become “the home of James Bond”. It would be a huge acquisition for Apple though

Apple does already have “Apple TV Channels” but they are not linear channels, more VOD services that Apple happens to offer an interface and billing for - Starzplay is probably the best of the (limited) bunch.
DVB Cornwall
This all sparks from a rather detailed customer survey I received last year, I wish I kept it, it seemed to imply that they'd be looking beyond pay TV. They could offer the transmission system at no additional cost to the basic subscription to users, whether say PSBs would be willing to duplicate services on a base level subscription platform is I agree questionable. A high quality say 4K tube might be attractive to some as a way to get higher def content to viewers, without having to spend big on infrstructure of their own.

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