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I would assume it’s a incredibly tedious copy protection thing in that the stream could be ‘intercepted’, in the same way they don’t allow HDMI-out from Android & iOS devices that support it.

Apologies if this is something that’s been discussed previously, but what is the reason why so many catch up apps don’t allow AirPlay? So All4 for example - what possible reason do they have for not allowing me to AirPlay it through my pretty-old-but-still-functional Apple TV? I don’t get it, especially when there is an All4 TV app on many smarts TVs.

I think it's less about 'intercepting' more about rights. There are some situations where the broadcast rights situation for 'mobile' devices are different to those for 'TV' devices. Restricting mobile apps to only displaying content on the mobile device, and not an external display, means those licensing rights are enforced.
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That said, many of the catch up apps offer Chromecast support (on Android and iOS) so it does seem odd that they don't allow for AirPlay, too.

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