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This week's extraordinary deal on films, a whole batch of recent titles, including 2018 Oscar winners are only £2.99 in all formats, leads me to believe that Apple are on the verge of launching the long mooted Film (and possibly TV) subscription service at WWDC19 in the spring. There really can't be any other reason to discount 'Darkest Hour'. 'Three Billboards', 'Baby Driver' and 'Shape of Water' etc. so heavily.

Seems to be a few more providers doing the same. https://www.megamovieweek.co.uk

Megamovieweek is back across Apple Services and other providers again this week. Again a thorough range of quality and genres offered.
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Indeed Emma, the Hunt, and the Invisible Man (2020) have become available today, branded as “Sky Store Premiere” with a red version of the Sky Store logo. For those that are willing to pay €18 for the privilege, of course.