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Am I right in saying those brands are far from premium? The US equivalent of Linsar, perhaps?

They aren't high-end. AIUI Seiki is a Chinese manufacturer, and Westinghouse is a licensed brand (i.e. the TVs aren't made by the actual Westinghouse company that generated the original brand loyalty). (Philips is similar these days when it comes to TVs I believe)
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noggin12,752 posts since 26 Jun 2001
Review of the Westinghouse Fire OS Smart TV. As the article states, all three brands are badges of Tongfang Global.


Interesting. Looks like they don't offer any USB recording functionality for the OTA tuner, just live Pause. That feels like a missed opportunity - though I think that's less of a feature in the US than Europe, where it's becoming standard.
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The second generation Fire Stick with Alexa which has been available in the US since the autumn will be released here in the UK in April. Already on pre-order at £39.99.

Alexa will be added to UK Fire TV's in April as well.