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Fluffy Bunny Feet440 posts since 11 Mar 2003
Increasingly a lot of News and ITV Daytime type hits are done using LiveU or WMT style IP connectivity, over 4G, VSAT (which is a satellite IP connection) or other IP connections (fibre broadband, wifi etc.) When you can get 300Mbs over WiFi from next to a London phone box - it all gets a lot easier...

Yes I've noticed 'LiveU' come up in quite a few test cards from the Good Morning Britain gallery before. Behind the Scenes footage from GMB is what I've been hunting for years! Especially the pre-show footage such as rehearsals, graphic tests etc. It is a shame it can't be located anywhere, or something related to that anyway.

'LiveU' is encoded and controlled often by the 'lines rooms' / MCR - sometimes switching units to transmit - you won't ever get access to that and for good reason.