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i imagine the person pressing the buttons in the gallery must be a cool, calm and collected person, the director must be at them all the time.

That's not the case at all (the 'at them' bit - VMs are always cool!). Most directors and VMs/TDs have a very collaborative working relationship. US and Aussie directors are often a bit shoutier than Brits, but that's a national characteristic, tied in with a slightly different TV culture.
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One afternoon in the early 00's someone found a channel they could manually add on Sky which had the studio feeds of several live programmes, changing throughout the day including an ITV show (which escapes me but possibly Today with Des & Mel) and Channel 4's Richard & Judy.

You could see and hear everything during the ad breaks and it seemed like R&J had a row as they didn't say two words to each other.
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I might have some of that on VHS somewhere. I seem to recall it was the output from LNN early doors, which seemed to get parked on a view of the Thames between the GMTV bulletins, and I think there was also the rehearsal of Richard and Judy on there too.

I remember some itn feeds also on that same circuit.
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Wasn't that a Eurobird 28.5 transponder that was used for news contributions now and again (and because News usually use the consumer 4:2:0 rather than the broadcast 4:2:2 format Sky boxes could decode them)
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There are a couple of ad hoc channels on Astra at 28.2°E, I have used them.
It's quite unusual to pan up to such a hot satellite and then focus in on the empty space that you'll be using.
Plus the off air signal is already there!
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