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10 Minute+ VHS Compilations

(July 2020)

ToasterMan Granada North West Today
As I've started "digitizing" my collection of VHS tapes, I've had to put up with hours upon hours of rendering the clips to MP4 format. One question I'd like to ask is how are you able to combine captures into compilations that can range in length from several minutes, to over two hours?

I've tried everything, from Video Merger sites, where you're expected to upgrade to their paid services and the free ones which leave your videos hideously watermarked, to compiling the clips in Vegas, which can take up to 7 hours of rendering time and lead to several laptop breakdowns; any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Larry the Loafer Granada North West Today
As far as I know, what you want to do still requires the need to render a new video, so I don't think there's a way around it outside of video editing programs or simply setting up a playlist of short clips.
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Video editing programs will be the easiest solution to this - something you put on your computer rather than upload to a website.

Something like this:

You just drag your MP4 files onto the tracks in the order you want and then you export a new video, which you can then just dump on YouTube.

(other video editing programs are available)
ToasterMan Granada North West Today
Good news: in a last minute Google search, I was able to find a great software bundle called MP4Tools, part of which is MP4Joiner, it's lossless which was a huge relief and I was able to merge three of my MP4 files within about 20 minutes, highly recommend it for anyone wanting to make compilations out of their captures.
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London Lite Founding member London London
Only just seen this thread, I pay for VSDC Video Editor which I use to combine various clips into MP4. (Also works with other formats).

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