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Library Music

'Library Music' is issued by several companies to television and media for use within television programmes and advertisements. It was relied upon heavily for the former differing styles of regional news (although some companies like the BBC commission music themselves directly).

The general idea is to provide smaller companies (with no in house music production), and larger companies (with no time or not enough budget to commission or compose their own pieces) with a selection of CD's or downloadable online files in broadcast quality in different styles/genres for use in their projects.

The difference between library music and commercial tracks apart from cost is that the composers of the music only get paid when it is used within a project. Therefore, although there are a few established composers who produce library music, these individuals normally start to produce library music at the start of their career, and for many is their only source of income.

The only people eligible to have access to this music hold an MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) licence. These licence holders are duty bound to report misuse of the system.

If library music is exchanged here, on TV Forum, there is a danger that a company without an MCPS licence may attempt to use the file without paying for it's use. The file would then be in the public arena for many others to abuse, and the composer would not get paid for his track being used.

TV Forum will NOT therefore run the risk of this happening. Industry professionals surf this forum, and we do not want to appear to be unfair to music collectors - therefore PLEASE keep requests for library music to your own private email - please do not discuss file-swapping on the forum or in private messages.

Maybe you're not sure if the piece you are after is library or not? Normally if you request this on the forum, a member will alert you to the fact.

Further information about library music and obtaining an MCPS licence can be found at the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society's homepage.

Examples of library music include:


Like library music, fonts are copyrighted material, and are licensed for use by the owner (what's called a "foundry"). Trading them without paying the original designer is like stealing music. It's unfortunate, but true. Please do not request or provide fonts which are licensed.