About TV Forum

If the words ident, sting and ECP mean something to you, you can probably skip this section. Basically the site is dedicated to the bits before, after and in-between the programmes. From the voices you hear introducing the shows, to the clips you see at the time and the occasional spectacular cockup - they're all discussed here.

The forum began on 22nd March 2001 as part of the presentation site TV Home. It was felt there was a need for those who wanted to talk about the type of content featured on the site. It quickly grew and relaunched on 25th August that year after over spilling its sister site's bandwidth and was unleashed as a site in its own right. Since then it has grown into the community you see today - six forums and plenty of active chat. The site averages over 400,000 page views with around 4000 posts per month!

Frequently asked questions


You can use a single image in your signature. Include [img]https://location-of-image.gif[/img] in the signatures text box on your profile page. If you do not wish to see other members' images, you can turn off the feature by going to the User settings page and unticking 'Show signature images'. This site will not host your image.

If you use an image it must be:

Text and images in signatures are subject to the same rules as posts as agreed to with respect to decency, use of member pictures and so forth. You can have a text signature but keep this to four regular sized lines or less (including blank lines).

An automatic checking system will block invalid signatures.

Are images allowed in my posts?

Absolutely! Many forum members use their TV capture cards and include images in their post. Feel free to upload a few captures through the 'Upload Image' button when posting or link via your website. Incidentally, if you include images (or text) from another website, please include the website URL at the bottom of your post.

Can I change my username?

Yes. Go to your User settings page, click 'Request new username' and fill in the details. One of the moderators will check the name and either accept or reject it. You'll be informed via a private message.

Is there a problem if I can't spell very well or txt speak?

We appreciate that not everyone has an A* in English but for the benefit of all users please make your posts as logical and readable as possible. Use a spell check facility in your browser before submitting your post. Text "txt" speak is not allowed.

I keep receiving spam/junk email - is this because I signed up to the forum?

No. Please be assured no personal information is given out to third-parties. Your email address is only used to verify your membership and for sending ocassional emails from the TV Forum team.

Why are there adverts?

TV Forum is a non-profit making site. It's sole aim is to provide a place to talk TV presentation however due to the number of visitors running costs are significant and the Google advertising helps contribute towards the hosting costs each year.

What software does the site use?

Having previously used phpBB and Ikonboard, the site changed in March 2009 to use a script custom built by the administrator. The software and site design was updated in June 2011 and again in June 2020. Emoticon icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane.