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Ah, $64,000 Question, a classic example of an American format mauled by the prize cap rules because of the American quiz show scandal, of which the original $64k Question show was caught up in, by (it is claimed) producers manipulating the questions to influence the outcome. Its better name is the Twenty One scandal.

Anyway technically first time round in the 1950s over here the show gave away 64,000 shillings, equivalent to about £3k today, before the prize cap as a result of the above scandal, and the Monkhouse era couldn't give away 64k of anything, though ironically if it had lasted another year or two it probably could have done. American shows were giving away five and later six figure sums of prizes as early as probably the late 1960s.

Amazing what half a century does to attitudes. And Bob Monkhouse was one of the greatest TV talents. To think it'll be 14 years this December since he died, and all the TV quiz formats since that he would have been perfect for... Sad

Didn't it turn out the first UK version of Twenty-One was possibly as crooked as the American?
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I have been watching Jazz on my black NOW TV box and of course being a Ken Burns documentary he's using his famous pan and zoom around old photos to fill time technique and the panning is so jerky.

Still no way to set the player to output the souce video refresh rate is there?
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Early Cable/Satellite TV thread

Don't think there's any English services left on Astra 19.2° now, they all moved to 28.2° E in 2001 and what's left is primarily aimed at the rest of Europe.

Sky News International HD and SD I think are still on there?

SD only.

BBC World, Al Jazeera English, RT English and NHK World are in HD

Also CNN, CNBC Europe, France 24 English in SD. There's others these are from the top of my head.
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BBC One HD still can't broadcast regional news in England.

It's a shame they were never able to come up with a technical solution that would allow 101 to point to BBC One HD for the 23 hours each day that there isn't regional content, and back to the appropriate SD local feed for the opts.

I think the German local channel 3's and maybe the commercial broadcasters do this on satellite already I think it is part of the DVB-S spec but I assume SKY boxes aren't capable of it.