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Real-world regulations and agreements ensuring the independence of Sky News aside, I thought it might be interesting to see how an MSNBC-based set of presentation graphics for the channel might look like under Comcast ownership. The peacock/Sky News box combination is based on a design seen on this forum - credits to the user concerned; but I can't seem to find it in the Sky News post.

- Based on existing current cover art for the All Out Politics podcast (the swirling ring-style elements already present in current MSNBC opens: [url[img][/img]][/url])
- Instead of the TV/web/app symbolism in the current TOTH, programmes open with the generic titles swirling in/out and directly transition into presenter headshot
- All hours will include an intertitle after the TOTH headlines

Intertitles for bulletin / bulletin-type programmes of all dayparts
- Colour-coded from dawn (Sunrise) to late night (World News for UK overnight)
- Ian King and All Out Politics being the only exceptions of in-sequence colour-coding
- Flagships like News at 10 and other specialty programmes will retain unique titles
- Back to "Afternoon Live" instead of "Kay Burley Show"


Chyrons / Astons / Lower thirds

Basic layout

Breaking news mode

Endboard (a la CNN International bulletin closings)

Presenter name card - solo and duo

More graphics

Live cross elements

Two-way layout

Programme-themed graphics and hashtag box (a la AM Joy on MSNBC)

For pre-taped programmes requiring astons, or if the hashtag is too long for the hashtag box
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French TV

Here is the Google Translation of the article posted above by WW Update (nice find by the way)
At the beginning of the year, the local news channel BFM Paris has signed a historic start to the year, with 2,700,000 viewers * for the month of January 2018, according to results published by Médiamétrie. For the first time, the channel exceeds the 2 million viewers in Île-de-France!
Strong increase in 4 months

In comparison with the previous wave of audience, the news channel of the group SFR Media has achieved a strong progression with an increase of 285 000 televiewers * on that measured in September 2017.
The morning in progress

The morning " Bonjour Paris " (broadcast Monday to Friday from 6am to 9am), and presented by Aurélie Blonde and Stefan Etcheverry, for its part spawned a strong increase in January " with a rise of 126% * in comparison with the average audience achieved in September 2017 ", according to a statement from the channel.

In January 2018, BFM Paris was watched by almost 19% of viewers in the Paris region, compared with 14% in September 2017 , thanks to strong news, particularly with the floods and bad weather in Paris, as well as the full broadcast of the festival. new year on the Champs-Elysées.

These figures, a good omen, should probably confirm the future ambition of the leaders of the group to launch new local versions of BFM in other major cities in France.

Wow that is impressive. Plus it shows if you do it right and commit the right resources it will be rewarded with viewers. A half-hearted attempt (Im looking a you London Live) will never garner respect or viewership. Its also great their morning news starts at 6AM before people leave home. And shows that in the least Parisians like most major global cities have the telly on in the back whilst making breakfast and getting the kids ready. It become part of the daily routine and quite quickly since the birth of the channel. Interesting indeed.

This wouldn't be in any way related to the falling ratings for Telematin with Laurent Bignolas over on France 2, no?
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

Also worth noting that France's commercial rolling news channels also in effect close down overnight, leaving a loop of a bulletin presented at midnight.

There is a duty presenter who presents the midnight hour (on BFMTV) who is ready to go live if there's any breaking news.

This gives rise to the interesting fact the franceinfo: is the only channel that's live through the night, even though its breakfast slot starts the latest among all 4 French free-to-air news channels. As demonstrated when news of music icon Johnny Hallyday's death broke:

Also, as I read in the pre-launch coverage of France 2's le 6h info , franceinfo: is barred from simulcasting by law.
Notons qu'entre 6h et 6h30, franceinfo: diffusera dorénavant le signal de France 24 car la chaîne n'a pas le droit de proposer ses programmes sur deux canaux en même temps .

Meanwhile, LCI is known to have been simulcast on TF1 during breaking news events. Would any forum member be able to explain that in detail?
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The Australian News Thread

Didn't know ABC's Perth studios also uses desk microphones...
(P.S. control room forgot to switch from the state bulletin backdrop to the News Channel backdrop for a half second after the 1am AEDT intro, but couldn't capture it)

(P.P.S. the weather wrapping out these 15-minute overnight live bulletins only consists of text weather forecast and music bed, as though it were meant to be a "live" insert into pre-taped content)

Also: loved the day's episode of Matter of Fact -- long-running interviews and panels, guests had time to develop their points and address Stan Grant's questions.
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International Presentation

Even in an already boring TV market such as Hong Kong, the newest entrant's production value is still shockingly, depressingly low.

Say hello to Fantastic TV, linked to i-CABLE, a payTV broadcaster who's financially been in dire straits for some time now.

This excuse of an ident features Katy Perry's "Firework." Provided they do properly license their stuff, you do wonder where all that precious money's gone drip, dripping down the drain...

I won't even bother to snark at the rest of the presentation package.

Junction (up next)

TV-MA slide

Weather slide

Reception of the channel (LCN77 on local free TV) has not been without problems, as FanTV is transmitted as a free channel but only over i-CABLE's own fixed line network. FanTV even produced a handy video teaching prospective viewers to scan for the channel.

One ramification of this is that individual residential buildings or houses without i-CABLE lines in their TV systems cannot get the channel. This coverage problem is compounded by the failure of FanTV to provide a promised online live stream and any form of official catch-up service.


In other news, ViuTVsix (whose March 31 opening has already been noted here somewhere) actually closes down between 2am and 9am. Partly since its owner's free TV licence didn't require a 24-hour English-language channel...

And over on the Chinese side, the late-night filler slow TV program "Driving in Hong Kong" has concluded its 14-month run earlier in May. ViuTV's Chinese service now runs repeats of prime time programming and dramas through the deep dark night till 6am instead. Here's a taste of what "Driving in Hong Kong" looked like: (the background audio is from corporate cousin Now News, who also simulcasts with ViuTV Chinese)
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

The France Télévisions anchors still have trouble to synchronize with the radio titles. At 9:40pm, the newscast anchor says it's time to get back to Myriam Bounafaa (the continuity anchor), though it's actually time for the titles live from Radio France. And at 9:50pm, Myriam Bounafaa does not finish her sentence in time before the radio titles launch. These problems occur much more rarely with the radio anchors. It confirms some of my doubts: whether on the content or on the shape, Radio France keeps being more professional than France Télévisions (though the fact that the France Info radio has nearly 30 years of experience can still excuse a part of it).

Such problems also apply at other times of the day. What's more, at the beginning, before the longer programmes produced by Radio France (8h30 Politique, Les Informés, Le Clasico), the news anchors used to introduce the programme before the switch to Radio France (for example, they would say "now it's time for 8h30 Politique, with Jean-Michel Aphatie and Fabienne Sintes"). Now they just say "our programmes continue on France Info". It's sad. I wonder if there's still conflict between Radio France and France Télévisions…

Two things: (1) Is the franceinfo TV service a joint-venture of Radio France and France Televisions? (2) Are any of 12/13, 19/20, 13 Heures and 20 Heures also broadcast on franceinfo TV?
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International Presentation

All five channels of Hong Kong's dominant TVB network received an on-air identity refresh last Saturday (19 Nov, its anniversary). Gone was the decade-old music and RGB ribbon element in the idents of Jade and Pearl, the Chinese- and English-language general service channels.

TVB Jade — 15-second ident + parental guidance slide:

TVB Pearl — 15-second ident + parental guidance slide:

J2 (youth-oriented multichannel)

J5* (a mix of daytime finance, documentary and other general entertainment, plus Chinese and other imports)

iNews channel

*J5 was rebranded from "HD Jade" earlier in February, moving away from simulcasting any Jade programming. HD Jade was launched when digital TV was rolled out on New Years Eve 2007. The simulcast format was no longer necessary as Jade digital had already moved to HD in 2013; non-primetime simulcast hours on the "HD Jade" multichannel had been gradually cut back, before the J5 format was launched anew. The first J5 ident, lasting only nine months, contained the triangle element also seen in the latest batch of TVB idents.

In other HK-related news, after the 59-year-old ATV network ran out its FTA licence (Post by whoiam989 here: in April, the new ViuTV channel (owned by telco juggernaut PCCW, as noted in that post) took ATV's place in the digital TV spectrum. ATV's alleged plans of going online were never materialised, given the fact that the company was essentially on the brink of going bust.

Here's the full ViuTV ident:

As reflected by their branding, ViuTV's programming is aimed at a younger market segment.
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International Presentation

Now, to a region where television presentation actually regressed in terms of creativity - Hong Kong.

A YouTuber has helpfully compiled a two-parter exhibiting nearly all the idents of the leading local station, TVB, from its inception in 1967 till 2012. All idents here are of the Cantonese channel, Jade.

Part 1: 1967-87

Part 2: 1987-2012

2013 (Just a colour scheme change; HD Jade is a different channel from Jade, but does simulcast the Jade primetime schedule in higher bitrate 1080i HD. Interestingly, the 'SD' Jade channel has been upconverted to 'nominally' 1080i in March, albeit in varying bit rates lower than that of HDJ):

As you can see, the final set of idents which are not purely CGI animation was the 1999-2001 set, with day/night versions.

TVB's idents have been variations on the same theme since 2006 - flying lines/ribbons of the station colours forming the logo, with even the same music. Which is similar to the path Australia's Nine Network took before it suffered a decline in the 2000s. Sadly, while TVB's programming has taken a nosedive in recent years, Hong Kongers are left with virtually no choice of free TV. (The only other FTA station in Hong Kong is the perpetually weak ATV, which is notorious for its lack of in-house Cantonese programming, an increasingly brazen pro-Beijing stance in news and current affairs, and probably infamous here for ripping off YouTuber mdtauk's BBC News mocks for on-air use.)
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BBC National/News Channel from New Broadcasting House

Dunno if this is a regular occurance, but they might want to look at their script as regards the 11am BBC2 simulcast.

Ben Brown has just refered to something coming up in the next hour.

Er probably not on BBC 2 mate!

On that note, does BBC Two simply crash out of the NC's weather forecast with their own promo trailers? And do they show the countdown into 1100, or simply show an ident leading into the headline sequence?
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BBC News Titles cuts

Concept of how News Channel and National bulletins can decrease the length of the newsroom and studio pans, so as not to drag it out as it currently feels. The sample used here is the 21:00 bulletin; alternatively, this cut could be used to establish the 17:00 and 21:00 'branded' bulletins.

Newsday is noted to be the only BBCWN branded programme utilising the generic BBCWN music in its open. Here, the vision of the titles is cut and mixed with the current domestic mix of the opening music: the extra strings in the domestic mix will remain unique among all WN programmes, along with the newsroom pan. (Which should ideally be a pan of the Singapore skyline, but I don't have the vision on hand)

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International News Presentation: Past and Present

Can anyone in Hong Kong confirm if TVB Pearl's programme at 5:30 is CCTV's 7 pm Xinwen Lianbo or CCTV4's China News?

It's Xinwen Lianbo. On this point, I'd like to elaborate a bit - The two FTA English channels here in HK, TVB Pearl and ATV World, used to fill up chunks of dayside (8a-4p weekdays) airtime with CCTV News (English; in ATV's case, both CCTV News and CCTV4) content.

But Pearl has started to move away from this, opting instead to air market information slides and rerun the previous day's edition of Entertainment Tonight at 1pm. (Same-day ET is first run on Pearl after the Late News, approximately within 16-18 hours of US first airing)

Meanwhile, World, of the cash-strapped and increasingly Mainland-controlled ATV network, opts instead to air more and more CCTV Putonghua and English content. They have also lost their longtime rights to CBS's 60 Minutes to Pearl late last year; Pearl now airs 60 Minutes on Thursday nights, four days after the US airing.
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

More from Hong Kong. This time, it's now TV 's pay-TV news services, now Business and now News

now News has always used Evening Drama as their open theme since their start in 2006.

now News generic bulletin open, 2008: (now News ident 0:01-0:10)

now News generic bulletin close, 2008:

A favourite practice by HK local news channels is to close every 30-minute bulletin with a wide shot of the Victoria Harbour as background against a quick weather check.

now News At 8 open, 2009:

Re-timed and renamed as News At 9 since 2010; only change to the open is that a "9" animates into frame instead of an "8".

now Business Trading Hour rejoin (short edit of open 0:07-0:12), 2008:

now Business pre-market programming open, 2008 (disclaimer 0:05-0:10; open 0:10-0:21)

For all clips except the first, can anybody identify if it's library music, and so, which library music?

EDIT: All clips not mine, courtesy to respective YouTube users.
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

In the recent days, after the take-over by the Wang Wang Group in Taiwan, ATV News in Hong Kong has gone into the Taiwanese news styles. In 2011, they introduced a new graphics and intro titles:
Arrow English:
Arrow Cantonese:

Meanwhile, Limefires Media (or, Michael Wood) got really angry about this, because they copied his design:
Arrow His original work: (By the way, this is the new version recently uploaded, removing any reference to the BBC, including the logo)

Actually, the Wang-wang Group (and Taiwanese funds in general) pulled out of aTV way back at the start of the year. A Mainland investor, Wang Zheng (surname Wang), is now aTV's lifeline.

This relaunch is definitely a screw-up IMHO, but it went unnoticed here in HK, mainly because aTV is way less watched locally than the dominant TVB service.

[EDIT: They already stopped using the design they pinched from YouTube and went back to the good old opening, as linked below]

As a Hong Konger myself, it's sad to see this snafu, especially since their previous opening was quite well designed. Here's a look: (in Cantonese)