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The old titles were effective because the daily ‘coming up’ edits were on signs, billboards and magazines. The new titles slap the edits over roads, houses and the side of buildings, leaving the titles looking very unpolished. Most of the shots do look better however, especially the shots of TVC.

I agree. I like the slow motion shots and the style of it, but the text and effects don't really need to be done, especially given the fact they do a 'coming up' segment straight after the introduction.
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I’m still lost in this gangster plot line. Who are they supposed to be robbing?

EastEnders has been great of late, but this gangster plot line is not only baffling, it is also totally unnecessary. I suspect the NYD ratings for it will be quite low as viewers tend to wander away when gangster storylines dominate.

That said, Mick doing a potential hold up in doggy slippers was inspired and made me chuckle. But, I don't really see the point of this particular story. Like yourself, it's hard to know who they're robbing - and why. And who cares?

And the sudden disappearances of Lauren and Abi. I know they were supposed to be departing or are we still yet to see them depart?

They haven't left yet. It has dragged on though.

The episodes broadcast on Christmas Day and Boxing Day were both set on Christmas Day/Night.

They both ended on great cliffhanger, yet when the episode opened on 27th, it seemed to jump a few days. Tanya had vanished, and there was a sudden focus on different storylines.

To me, the last few episodes have felt very odd, it's as if they'd forgotten about the climax to the weyland and co story, so just slotted it in between the branning sister drama and the robbery.
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Can someone explain to me why the opening titles don't always play in time to the music. I know it's a random question but it's something that I've always wondered.

The first shot of the tower bridge seems to play out longer sometimes with the music starting at random points. When the final shot forms with the logo and the presenter names, the music has already finished by the time the screen fades to the studio.

From what I've gathered, the last note in the music should play when Holly's name appears after the logo, with the music finishing once the screen has faded from the titles to the studio.

It's like someone has to press start on the titles, and then rush to hit start on the music.