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TV ARK: Returns Jan 2020

I go to any other pres site, I click a video, it plays, on the same page in the same window with the other content still there, no silly gif, no barriers. Thats what I'd love TVArk to be like!

In that case maybe you should just stick to those other pres sites and leave the rest of us to enjoy the new TVARK Wink
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TV ARK: Returns Jan 2020

To reiterate the message on the TVARK home page:

TVARK is currently in "Beta". This means we are continuously refining functionality, adding additional features and improving the experience. As with most Beta websites, there's likely to be some issues for example screen display and general functionality. As we continue to refine the site issues will be resolved.
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TV ARK: Returns Jan 2020

But if 12,290 videos have been recaptured, surely that can't mean over 40,000 videos are either new or were already in good enough quality?

We will continue to replace LQ clips with HQ copies moving forward. It's a time-consuming process, but you won't be disappointed. Our HQ clips look amazing!

As they would have been broadcast at 25fps does that mean they're all double speed? Confused Laughing

Smile Erm, no!
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Java-TV Wiki Thread

OK, here's a wee treat for all you APFS fans out there! From early 2003 here's a snapshot of the entire site (minus the forum).

It won't be here for long, so enjoy the trip down memory lane while you can!


Now Fast-Forward to June 2004 for the more-familiar APFS. Yes, here's the entire site from that point in time:
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Not the nine o clock news end credits

This particular compilation was not shown back in 1995 with the others. It looks like the BBC replaced some sketches, move others and re-edited others. The 'Kinda Lingers' song (complete with newly-added credits) was lifted from one of the original 1995 comp episodes.

However, the original 1982 screening of 'Kinda Lingers' did not feature any credits, as they had already been run over an earlier sketch.