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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

ITV News Meridian have just had a report on the return of World of Sport Wrestling.

It's being filmed at Epic TV in Norwich (the old Anglia TV studios), and the report was by Natalie Gray (an Anglia reporter), and the report didn't seem to have any relevance to the Meridian region, so it just seems like nothing more than a promotion for a network programme.

It's not the first time they've done this sort of thing. They've had similar reports before for things like Dancing on Ice.
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UTV rebrand

I can't believe the building was ever proposed for listing. It's a complete eyesore. A number of extensions were added over the years; the section opened in 1993 is a total mismatch with the rest of the building.

I think the potential listing was only for the original building, and not the later extensions.
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25th Anniversary of the biggest shake up in ITV

Wasn't there a period (in the earlier years of ITV plc) that the weekend weather sponsor was always worded "London Weather at the Weekend" like they were desperate to not say something that sounded identical to the legacy franchisee company name?

Kind of understandable in a way, as the weekday weather sponsor presumably hasn't mentioned "Carlton" for years.

There was actually a period shortly after the ITV plc merger when it reverted back to "LWT weather", as discussed here:
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UTV rebrand

Keeping an existing brand is much easier than reviving one that hasn't been around for 14 years.

Just because HTV disappeared as a brand in 2004, that doesn't necessarily mean the same will happen to UTV.
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UTV rebrand

Why? That hasn’t happened anywhere else.

It happened in Wales and the West, but only because there wasn't a geographic name and 'ITV News H' would have been stupid. Unlike the 3 or 4 other non-geographically named news programmes which worked

That change happened in a much earlier era though, and by the time they started with the current branding, HTV had been long gone.

I would say that had HTV stuck around much longer we could have ITV News: HTV News now.

The fact it’s called ITV News: Channel TV, not ITV News: Channel Islands supports this idea.

It's only called "ITV News Channel TV" to avoid it being called "ITV News Channel", for obvious reasons.

Personally, I think "ITV News Channel Report" would have been a better name.
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VH1 to become entertainment channel

Unless most/all of the "entertainment channel" stuff (i.e. programmes) on the restyled 4Music are music-related, ought it not be renamed? Any periods of the day where it does still actually sodding well show music videos could still use "4Music" as a strand name, with the actual station being called something else.

I wouldn’t say it warrants a name change, yes it’s showing entertainment for the majority, but they’re showing music from start up until 5:30pm (possibly 4pm of music is removed from ‘Trending Live’) with a block of shows from 12-2, and then Saturdays will stay mostly music with a block of ‘Charmed’ in the afternoon.

That's initially what happened with MTV, but they ended up showing more and more entertainment, and ended up with hardly any music, after which they dropped the "Music Television" brand. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happens to 4Music at some point.
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South West England & CI Thread

I recently wandered down to Arnos Vale for the first time in absolutely ages, and have discovered that Bath Road Studios (home of ITV News West Country) has at some point been renamed as "Here"! (Stylised as "[HERE]" ) Shocked

According to Mr Google, it's been like that since at least August last year.

It's quite a sad reflection of how much ITV's regional commitment has shrunk over the years. What was once TWO regional franchises is now just a minor lodger in a multi-purpose office complex. Confused From mansion to bedsit in 15 years.

This is similar to what happened at Central in Birmingham a few years ago, where they're now just a tenant in a small part of the building.
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Lorraine September 2017 onwards

New promo for Lorraine has aired on ITV today with the tag line "Get ready for Spring with a new look Lorraine - coming soon on ITV" with what looks like new graphics (with the same logo).

Any caps?,166057024
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ITV Programming Thread

Nightscreen is like a TV Time Machine mashup of old ITV styles and practices! It still says "programmes may vary depending on your region" at the bottom of the screen despite everything I've ever seen it promote be the stuff that goes out in all areas anyway. The old CITV Logo on Nightscreenhas been noticed before:

It actually says "programme times may vary depending on your region", which does happen fairly regularly in regions such as Border Scottish, Channel, STV and UTV, where network programmes are often shown at different times because of regional programmes.
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4Music to shift focus to entertainment

They're basically doing what MTV did a few years ago, and it won't be long before there's hardly any music left on 4Music.

This will ultimately result in the lack of a mainstream music channel on Freeview, which 4Music is now the only example of (with the only other music channels being niche channels Vintage TV and Keep it Country), after the loss of Viva and Chart Show TV.
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Saturday Night Takeaway 2018

ENTERTAINMENT: Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Take Away
On: ITV Central HD (178)
Date: Saturday 31st March 2018 (starting in 8 days)
Time: 19:00 to 20:30 (1 hour and 30 minutes long)

Saturday Night Takeaway is back with the Happiest 90 Minutes of the Week! Stephen Merchant takes over duties as the Star Guest Announcer and Paloma Faith will be taking to the stage in the End of the Show Show. Stephen Mulhern hits the streets of Warrington in another hilarious 'In For A Penny' game and The Script will be in the studio for 'Singalong Live'! There will also be plenty of surprises as more Places on the Plane are given away and another lucky player gets the chance to Win The Ads.
(New, Stereo, Widescreen, High Definition, Live, Subtitles, Series 15, Episode 6)
Keywords: Entertainment, New, Stereo, Widescreen, High Definition, Live, Subtitles
Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from

Copyright (c) GipsyMedia Limited.
I think that's the synopsis of what the show would've been if Ant was there. Note that it says it's episode 6, but it isn't - it's episode 5 now.

It looks like it's been amended, as previous episodes have all said "Ant and Dec" in the synopsis. This is the first episode where it's said "Saturday Night Takeaway" instead of "Ant and Dec"
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Saturday Night Takeaway 2018

Paloma Faith in the end of the show show

That's the worst thing to happen to Saturday Night Takeaway all week. I think we were all hoping for a send off to the London Studios to be the End of the Show Show that night, and maybe originally it would have been.

Maybe a Firework Display or Dec switching off the lights for the last time will happen

Saturday Night Takeaway won't be the last programme to be recorded at the London Studios, so Dec switching off the lights for the last time would only be the last time for that show, and not the studios themselves.
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Saturday Night Takeaway 2018

A number of programmes which have the name of the presenter in the programme name often have guest presenters, sometimes on a regular basis, without changing the programme name, so can't see any reason for them changing it for Saturday Night Takeaway.

Some examples of this are Victoria Derbyshire and The Wright Stuff.
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Saturday Night Takeaway 2018

I still can't help but compare to this to Michael Barrymore's scandal. Yes, a body was found on his property, though he has never been found guilty of directly causing his death. AIUI, ITV washed his hands of him completely because his drug habits conflicted with his family friendly image, and he was pretty much ITV's pride and joy back then. They even turned their back on Matthew Kelly in light of sex abuse allegations that he was ultimately cleared of.

Everyone turned their backs on Barrymore because he was a complete monster to work with who was already on thin ice by the time the pool incident happened. Maybe if he hadn't burnt all his bridges he'd have found a way back?. You go on to mention Matthew Kelly but he has continued to have a successful career! He's spoken of recording gameshow pilots he just hasn't particularly enjoyed doing them and instead prefers to do theatre now. The industry is quite fickle and will tolerate dicks until the point of no return. Then they'll forgive almost anything but being a dick.

ITV did actually commission another series of My Kind of Music after the event, and was only cancelled after that due to poor ratings, so to be fair to ITV, they did give him another chance.
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Good Morning Britain

I think its mentioned on Martin Kemptons excellent website, that most of the technical kit ended up at Fountain Studios in Wembley - which its self is now waiting for the wrecking ball.

Looks like that's on hold for now, as a planning application has been submitted to convert it to a temporary theatre for the next 7 years: