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UTV rebrand

UTV is dead. I do not know why ITV keep the UTV name. UTV is now 95% ITV branding with the token gesture of keeping the UTV name. It is bound to go soon, as did Channel Television in the Channel Islands.

The difference with Channel is that the ITV (and before that ITV1) brand was brought in many years before they were taken over by ITV plc.
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Sounds Like Friday Night

BBC Studio Audiences email:
Top of the Pops will be returning to BBC One this Christmas season with two special festive shows, a Christmas Day show and a New Year Special. Filmed at Elstree Film Studios, the show will feature exclusive performances from some of the year’s biggest stars.

What's this increasing trend to incorrectly use the term 'filmed' to describe such events.

The correct term is 'recorded'

The definition of "filmed" is "recorded on film", so either can be used.
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Sky's Branding

Does this mean an end to the customised HD swap, where HD channels are only swapped based on a subscriber's viewing package?

I don't subscribe to HD channels, but the free HD channels (e.g. BBC Two HD, Channel 5 HD, BBC Four HD) are now in the slots previously occupied by the SD versions (102, 105 and 116), and the HD channels which require a subscription are still in the old slots, with the SD versions still higher up in their original slots.

Will this still be the case after the change? Given I don't have an HD subscription, I'm assuming that HD channels will move to this "secondary channels" section, but will this section also include the free HD channels such as BBC Two HD, Channel 5 HD, etc), i.e. will the main EPG only includes SD channels, even if the HD version doesn't require a subscription?
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ITV Programming Thread

What happened to "An Audience with..." It seems to have dropped of the end of the world. which is a surprise since it was a decent filler..

The last few that were made were music related, and it appears to have been replaced with shows like "One Night Only"

The problem with shows like An Audience with... is that in recent years, allegations against people which result in convictions mean that they can't be repeated if certain famous people appear in the audience.

I was at the recording of the One and Only Des O'Connor, which hasn't been repeated since 2012, and will probably never get repeated again. The reason for this is that the audience prominently featured a certain celebrity who is currently behind bars.

By making programmes which don't feature an audience full of celebrities, there's less of a risk of not being able to repeat them in future for reasons beyond their control.
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Shows that people forget or get lost in time

From Wikipedia

1998 "No Matter What" Boyzone
1999 "Flying Without Wings" Westlife
2000 "My Love" Westlife
2001 "Don't Stop Movin'" S Club 7
2002 "Unchained Melody" Gareth Gates
2003 "Mandy" Westlife
2004 "Thunderbirds Are Go" Busted
2005 "You Raise Me Up" Westlife

I'm surprised to see it ran until 2005! I only remember it being around until the early 00's.

While we're on the topic of former end of the year shows I take it The British Comedy Awards are dead and buried?.

Record of the year actually continued until 2013 as an online poll.

After the British Comedy Awards was axed by Channel 4, a press release was issued (which is still on the British Comedy Awards website) saying they were in talks with another broadcaster. I'm assuming those talks never got anywhere and they never found another broadcaster.
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UTV rebrand

Change back to ITV1, as it's less confusing than calling the channel ITV and calling the company ITV!

It was called ITV before it was called ITV1, and there are various other families of channels where the main channel is the same as the company name. Channel 4, Channel 5 and Discovery are just a few examples of this.
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21st Century Fox takeover over Sky bid

A merger between ITN and Sky News has been discussed in the past, so it could still happen.

The talks at the time ended because of BSkyB's purchase of a stake in ITV. If it had gone through, it would have effectively been a takeover of ITN by BSkyB. If it happened this time, it would probably be the other way around.
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UTV rebrand

One thing I've noticed on the local announcements on ITV Wales is that the English announcers often say "Cymru Wales" in a Welsh accent.

I wonder how UTV viewers will react if English announcers start saying "Northern Ireland" in a Northern Irish accent.
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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

Meridian Tonight's Facebook page has just been renamed ITV News Meridian. I believe this was the only ITV plc region which was still using their old name.

They did well to make the Meridian Tonight name last so long after the rebrand (nearly 5 years). I wouldn't be surprised if this is a change which was forced upon them by ITV.

On a related note, I also noticed that BBC South Today's Facebook page was renamed as "BBC South News" the other day.
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Good Morning Britain

The chances of both GMB viewers watching at the same time is highly unlikely though, surely?

Depends on whether those 2 viewers are regular viewers.

If GMB's 2 viewers are regular viewers, then I'd say the chances of them both watching at the same is very likely.

If they're not regular viewers, then GMB may only have one viewer at any one time, or none!
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GMB Today

GMB Today sounds so similar to GMTV Today that there's been some references to "GMTV Today" in the media, which isn't much of a surprise really.

Here's an example, which contains a heading entitled: "Who will be hosting GMTV Today?"

Nobody in the media or indeed outside of this forum remembers that the main part of GMTV was called GMTV Today. 99% of people remember Eamonn and Fiona hosting 'GMTV'

The point is that 'GMTV' and 'GMB' are almost identical, whether it is followed by the word 'Today' or not.

Indeed, and if you do a search for "GMTV" on twitter, for example, a lot of results come up, which shows that people are still calling it GMTV, and the fact that Good Morning Britain, often abbreviated to GMB, is so similar to GMTV, is probably a factor in this.

If we still had Daybreak, there would probably be fewer people referring to it as GMTV nowadays.
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Sky TV's 30th anniversary in 2019

BBC News is a bit different, because "BBC News" has been part of the name since the channel launched.

Sky One has only existed since 1989. Before that, the channel had a different name.

BBC Three launched in 2003, but the channel launched in 1998 as BBC Choice, but you wouldn't say that BBC Three is going to be 20 next year just because the channel was launched in 1998 under a different name.
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Sky's Branding

Sky is planning a huge EPG shake-up next year, from Broadcast:
Under the proposals, Sky will bump broadcasters’ HD channels up the EPG, replacing their standard definition services. In turn the SD channels will be moved into a dedicated part of the EPG, in the 800 range.

I hope this only applies to HD subscribers.

I don't think non-HD subscribers (I am one of them) will be very happy about having to go to the end of the EPG to find the SD channels.

It seems like they could be doing this to try and get more people to subscribe to the HD channels, but it could backfire and result in them losing subscribers.