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Coronation Street

In 2001 they retconned it to say she hadn't really had an abortion, she just claimed she had (even though Ken had seen Susan in the interim and would surely have noticed a son).

Funnily enough another of Mike's sons got retconned- Mark Redman (who we saw on the ITV3 run back in December) got aged up by 2 years when he reappeared in the early 90s.

We see Hilda's final episode next Wednesday too- which was the first time the show was broadcast on Xmas day when it wasn't a Monday or Wednesday (and there were a couple of occasions in the 70s when it wasn't shown even when it was a broadcast day). It's been on every Xmas day since, bar 1993 when ITV strangely ran a bog standard Saturday schedule.
james-20012,432 posts since 13 Sep 2015
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Sky News | 16th January 2018 Onwards

Not news related, but I remember The Box crashing ALL the time in 2000/2001 after they moved to a new system. Constantally freezing and rebooting, and the same video always came on after it was rebooted again (and presumably all previous phone in requests were deleted- which would have sent people nuts in the post premium rate scam era!), I remember one evening seeing Same Old Brand New You by A1 about 10 times in one evening- and often it would crash again before it had even got through the video.

I seem to remember reading later on they used a Windows 2000 computer with a hard drive full of DV files to generate the channel.
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Top of the Pops

According to a couple of forums, the reason 21/3/85 went missing is apparently because in 1993 they sent the 1" master to a transfer facility to be digitised onto D3, but it went missing. I don't know if that's true, but it sounds plausible- I wonder how many other things have gone missing in this way. I'm presuming there's no raw studio tape or mute links version still existing they could have used to build up a broadcast quality version, both of which BBC4 have done with TOTP episodes in the past.

Doesn't explain why they couldn't show the VHS copy when they've shown such things before though.
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TVAM: would have been 35th birthday today.

You got non-sync cuts changing channels on analogue cable boxes too- I've got videos with it on where the picture goes all over the place. Again, it didn't look like that on the TV, just a quick flicker.

I've got a video of it here:

It was actually a nightmare to digitise that video as each non-sync cut led to the picture and sound drifting out of sync a bit more each time, so I had to keep starting and stopping and captured it as several videos then stitched it together in Adobe Premiere.