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Premier League on Amazon Prime

Amazing difference between Chromecast Ultra HD version and my Samsung smart TV with Amazon app.

Chromecast is jerky and not sharp. The app on the TV is crystal clear 4k quality.

Anyone have any info to back up the tech specs and the experience from each?

Have you turned on the 50Hz button on the Google Home app?

Yea tried that but only slightly better.
fusionlad2,124 posts since 6 Sep 2001
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2019 General Christmas election.

Seems Sky's recap was F****** according to Sky's own Niall P.

For those of us who weren't watching, what fun ang games took place on Sky?

I missed the start but I think they lost the link to Salford, so Niall had to fill from Westminster. The trouble was, as he was on air during the debate, hadn't actually watched it. I think they managed to jumble some clips together with Niall looking frustrated and bemused.
fusionlad2,124 posts since 6 Sep 2001
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BBC regional news - Now with added Reith

The whole English regions thing is a joke, but the argument is would HD improve the content, probably not. 15 or so times the cost of Plymouth’s Tech upgrade - is it worth it when the corporation is trying to save money?

As has been pointed out her several times the main barrier is not the cost of upgrading the regions themselves it's the creation and distribution of lots of versions of BBC One HD. If that was in place there'd be nothing to stop them up converting any regions still producing in SD.

The regions are long due a refit so the cost of upgrading them is just part of the regular refresh cycle. I believe they're looking into what technology they should have. It probably won't be what Plymouth got

It almost certainly won't be anything like Plymouth got, that's more or less based upon last century workflow and production, it'll be something I suspect that incorporates remote production technologies, and centralisation of some elements, which will then ease the opting on HD issue, (and the three existing HD regions brought into line with that)

Is Plymouth really that out of date already? I know they have centralised servers not necessarily sitting in the south west.