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ITV axe sitcoms

Jonathan Pie is not on "the left", indeed some of his material is written by a guy involved with Spiked. He plays it as a down the line centrist, although these days that means you have compassion but like the occasional joke that punches down instead of up.

Also: I would caution a forum full of men that your lived experiences are not the same as a woman's. And if you're listening to JBP for any kind of rationality then you're in the wrong place.

But that's possibly a derail and not one I think would be appreciated. Suffice to say: The guy dresses his weird ethno-Christian views up in pseudoscience and big words and people lap it up.
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elmarko1,026 posts since 27 Jul 2010
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The TV Question Amnesty Thread

I’ve always wanted to know: Why do repeats on Dave seem to alternate between 50i and occasional jerky 25p? Studio segments of panel shows and Top Gear seem to be the worst offenders.

I've noticed this too on SD. I think it may be a Freeview only problem as I watch the HD channel through Virgin. I know that there is an automatic encoder switch on Freeview so that it's broadcasting in 25p only when 25p content is being broadcast - maybe whatever Dave is using keeps falsely detecting 25p when there isn't any?

The automatic p/i switching only applies to the HD channels on the T2 muxes. However some tellies with their various ‘enhancement’ modes can do strange things that provoke these sort of effects

I did wonder if it was my telly but it only ever happens on Dave. Perhaps all UKTV channels now that I think about it.
elmarko1,026 posts since 27 Jul 2010
STV Central Reporting Scotland

Brexit Dramarama - PM announces resignation p108

Can we make a statement right now that this forum is a place where everyone is welcome and nonsense like this ^ is absolutely not what we want here? We’re an incredibly welcoming lot.

I am very serious about this. Not least is it mean-spirited and pretty hateful towards entire groups of people, it’s also lacking in any kind of intelligent analysis.

Seriously, not here.