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Daybreak relaunch with Lorraine and Aled

I've checked it out, news update at 9 was by Angela Corp, don't believe it was a last minute fill-in. It looks like an on-screen try out, she seems good, very sombre for today's news.

It seems it was last-minute. Ranvir went home sick after 8am. Louisa James filling in on the Newshour this morning and doing a very good job IMO.

There you go.

Simple question.

Simple answer.

No need to quote privacy & all that ****!
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Daybreak relaunch with Lorraine and Aled

One thing that annoys about the newsdesk set is the way the big screen is installed.

The way that section is cut out is shocking.

My brother wouldve done a better job!

Can we please stop the 'thought police' mentality on here?

Its getting stupid where you cant make a simple comment about a change of presenter, without someone piping up about privacy etc!

(And if people in the public eye didnt get themselves into a position where they appeared in the tabloids, then people wouldnt comment on them!)
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The National Lottery: Break The Safe

[W]hat about the National Lottery machines in general? They do sometimes show the characteristics of being 'fixed'.

The machines that the National Lottery use are internationally renowned for their quality and compliance to standards - all machines are tested comprehensively. Each draw has an independent adjudicator to spot anything unscrupulous. The balls have RFID devices to identify them, and are meticulously designed.

This sort of conspiracy speculation should be confined to the David Icke forums.

Didnt one of the doors fly open once?
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How was the coming of UK Colour Tv promoted at the time?

Well every station added the huge legend "IN COLOUR" or "COLOUR" to their idents. Pretty sure the CA's made a point of it when appropriate too.

Ok, yes, but it seems strange that there is only one piece of footage like that floating around & nothing else.

If ATV managed to keep something(which is a surprise for ATV admittedly!) like that, I'm surprised nothing similar has popped up, in various anniversary shows?

The only other thing that springs to mind is that trail of the first colour Monday on BBC 1(that exists in black & white!)

I suppose what I'm getting is, bearing in mind most sets would still be in black & white, never mind the regions/transmitters, did they 'overkill' on the colour promotion, or not, so not to alienate the black & white viewers?

(Wonder if Tony Currie is looking in?)
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Def ll

DEF II was Janet Street Port-ah wasn't it?

At this time she was obsessed that London was the be all and end all and that kids in Newcastle didn't want to hear what was relevant to them in the North East, but wanted to hear what was going on in 'da city'.

I'm probably wrong again but wasn't DEFII from BBC Manchester? Or did the move of yoof programmes happen afterwards?

Yep - DEF II came out of Manchester, but not sure how much time Janet Street-Porter spent there. Think it may have been a bit like the National Lottery (technically a BBC Manchester production, but with an office in Shepherds Bush...)

As if Janet Street-Porter has ever left London. What sort of woman do you take her for?

She likes walking the hills and not even Paul ogrady can keep up with her.

Not unless he wants another heartattack!
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Local TV

Im sure I read somewhere she was the partner of a certain presenter who spent sometime at her Majestys pleasure.

Well he's a producer at City TV, so you're allowed to say his name. Not sure what their personal relationship has to do with the presentation or programming though.

Well, thats the last time I saw her name mentioned!

Nice to see our Ash is back in journalism.
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Local TV

Looks quite impressive.

I'd be intrigued to know how a certain Baggie supporting BBC Local Radio mid morning presenter is able to work for both the Beeb & this lot?

I assume he's freelance?

Didnt catch all the names, but I spotted David Jensen, Marverine Cole & Ed James of Heart FM fame.
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BBC News: Presenters & Rotas

Also, still waiting for Ellie Crisell and Sue Thearle to pop up.

Yes I do wonder where Sue has got to. She made the transition from being a sports presenter to a news presenter very well.

From memory of following her on Twitter, she said she was returning at some point. I have a feeling shewas off work injured for a time, and covers Wimbledon for international broadcasters, so she may just be on an extended leave. Not that there are as many shifts to cover post-TVC era, though.

Given her familiarity with the programme and ease with the lighter sides of news broadcasting, I'd be surprised if she didn't turn up on Breakfast as a co-host at somepoint.

Well she is now a parent. So perhaps this 'Part time' job at BBC News suits her just fine. Her personal life is just that, personal and private.

Sorry if I've missed it, but aren't you the only one who's mentioned her personal life?

Here we go again. Thought Police on duty.
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Daybreak relaunch with Lorraine and Aled

What is stopping ITV axing Daybreak full stop? Is there some sort of contract?

It ain't as if ITV hasn't yanked stuff mid run before.

Something is obviously not working & keep changing presenters & formats isn't helping.

Is it cheaper to run a Channel 4 style schedule, with different shows & maybe a news bulletin or 2, then 'Lorraine' or not?

I'd miss Laura personally, but surely she'd go to the main ITV Weather team?
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Casualty Fans

Havent watched Casualty for years.

Last time I remember watching it, Ewart Plimmer died! (Sometime in the 80's!)

The scheduling got silly later.

Whatever happened to the longer breaks between series?
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The new NEW Central West and BBC Midlands thread

I know it can't be helped with the stories covered last night, but Midlands Today was really depressing last night.

Hate to think what the presenters thought with the constant stories of doom & gloom.

(Didn't Nick make a veiled comment last night at the end, or did I imagine it?)

The kid being murdered has really struck a chord with the public!
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TV Forum Neon

Dunno if anyones noticed this, but even if you asterisk out a swear word, eg b***er, it still appears in full on the front page.

One of Mike W's posts was affected, plus mine have been too!

Im taking a guess that if you type it in full originally, then edit it, it happens!