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BBC News: Nations & Regions

I posted this on Digital Spy and thought I should also post it here.

I was watching the News at Six tonight and noticed that during a report on unemployment, a character called "Mr Plod" had a very familiar stock photo. On closer inspection, I realised this was not a stock photo, but a photo of a police officer who was killed during training. When the show becomes available on iPlayer I will take a screenshot to show you, as my TV capture card was off during the programme.

Does anybody else think the BBC should have taken a bit more research into the man in the photo or was it just chosen on a whim?
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The should we scrap BBC3 & BBC4 thread

(As I've mentioned several times on DS) I would love Choice and Knowledge to come back, in their original forms that is. Choice's original programming like Liquid News, Backstage and Diners (okay so LN and Diners came after the 2000 revamp but it could still work with the original format). It didn't just appeal to the youth audience and it was a good channel to see those shows on 1 & 2 you might have missed, although iPlayer takes up this now.

Knowledge had a lot of great original programming too, even if it was cheap. The Kit and Science Fix were definitely favourites of mine and were very interesting while still giving that "fresh and breezy" approach to education that the later version of BBC Knowledge lacked in my opinion.
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UKTV Rebrand and new channel

The new BBC Video/Worldwide logo is one of the many reasons why I dislike the box design used by the BBC since 2001.

There are many other reasons, for example squashing "PARLIAMENT" into a box just to fit in with the other channels was a stupid idea in my opinion, as they should have just suck with the superior 1997 horizontal logo style which would have been much more legible and less ugly.

Whenever I think about the new BBC One, Two, Three and Four idents, I can't help but think about the unification that was so good about the plain but superior 1997 logo and trailer style. Now BBC One has three different logo styles, a horizontal one used on YouTube videos, a box one used in places where the normal one won't fit, and the one you seen on trailers/endboards and idents and everywhere else.

Today every department in the BBC has broken away with their own logos, and the only ones which I think are better than their 1997 versions are the 2001 BBC Radio logos which kept the simple horizontal 'BBC Radio' but had a different letter style for each station.

The only service still using the 1997 style regularly on-screen and off-screen is BBC Learning Zone, although it might get a new look when primary school programming goes on there this summer. Can you imagine that in a box?
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Music TeleVision no more

Very strange that they've only changed nickelodeon, with nicktoons & nick jr keeping their old logos, even though they've been adapted in the US, as seen here http://nicktoons.nick.com/ & here http://www.nickjr.com/.

I was surprised to find out that nick jr has only recently become a channel in its own right in America, having previously just been a programming strand on the main channel.

I believe they had a channel over there called Noggin, although I think it was a joint venture that Nickelodeon was involved in, but I presume that's ended now because of Nick Jr being a separate entity.

Nick Jr was the weekday morning slot on Nick, and is now called Nick Playtime. Nickelodeon wanted viewers of Noggin to associate the channel with Nickelodeon and so gave the channel the Nick Jr brand.
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BBC News 24 1997 mock

A mock of the BBC News 24 graphics used in 1997. I've added a countdown at the beginning and to make it feel like it could be something that would be used today I have changed the text at the end to 'BBC News'. Enjoy! Smile

(There's a bit of blank space at the beginning of the video, sorry!)


EDIT: It does take little time to load, but don't worry, it will play.
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BBC News Channel: Presentation

The schedule needs to change. We have BBC News, BBC News, Click, BBC News, BBC News, Oddbox, BBC News, BBC News at Five O'Clock, BBC News at Six (so there's inconsistency as well) BBC News, BBC News, The Weather Show, BBC News. We need something along the lines of the BBC World News refresh. The studio would change and the mood would change; it would keep people watching.

Also, the current design (both studio & graphics) has gotten pretty stale already compared to the 1999 design which has stood the test of time, but the news needs a new feel. The flags music is of course not new but will be new to many people who didn't have N24 between 97-99. It would work perfectly with some reworking.
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Welcome to the new TV Forum!

Sorry for the bump, but when posting a new topic in The Gallery in either Safari 4 or Chrome on Mac OS X Snow Leopard it redirects me to a blank page. Is there any fix for this?

Yes. Use Windows.

Yes, that would be useful. If I had Windows. Rolling Eyes

I was joking. Using humour. So you can straighten your eyes up. Thanks.

Really? You were? To me it looked like you were serious. No use of emotions made me think you were serious. When using humour on the internet you use emotions. Otherwise, people take it seriously. Note this down in the future.

Oh, and Michael, one small problem doesn't make Mac OS any better or worse than it is now. These things happen and I have learned to live with them in my life working with Macintosh.
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BBC News 2008/World 1997 remix

For this remix I take BBC World's short-lived flags style music from 1997 and mix it with the graphics from the current BBC News package. I don't have any BBC World News footage, so I had to make do with BBC News footage. Still though, I think it works although I could have worked harder on the countdown, maybe replacing the countdown with just the repeating globe graphic at the end, to make it similar like the one used on News 24/World from 1997. I added the pips from 04:24 (courtesy of Radio 4) to keep the effect used on the current package in the run up to the hour. Enjoy. Smile


Sorry about the letterbox format, the quality wasn't too good at 16:9.

EDIT: It seems that trying to enter my own thumbnail URL stops the topic from being posted. And when I eventually post it, along comes 7 or more of the same posts; the amount of times I clicked it before trying to get it to work. And to top it all off, the delete button doesn't work.
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