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Not sure everyone has been given the same email, but I've been given a free Sky Sports Day Pass for The Open upon redemption of the link in the email. Like all day passes, they can be kept for a year.

NOW TV have prepped up a link in preparation for the free pass. Haven't received an email though.

Link here:

I wonder if this time round, NOW TV are drip feeding access to the pass, so there isn't an issue of mass grabbing of the pass? I remember getting a month's pass for £12 and they stopped the offer quickly.
London Lite7,653 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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French TV

France 2 as the rights holders to the Women's Euro 2017 tournament have produced this humourous trail based on it to promote their new female presenters who they've acquired from M6, C8 and France 5. Anne-Sophie Lapix who features at the end is the new presenter of the 8pm news bulletin from September.

London Lite7,653 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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Sky Sports Revamp

I still wish the idents had more energy. The Sky Cinema idents feel like you're watching premium channels. Considering you pay 2-3 times more for Sky Sports, these just feel like not much thought went into them.

Funny that as I seem to recall people complaining about the loss of the excellent Sky Movies idents with the current Cinema idents.

From what I've seen so far, while not special, they're not as brash as the current idents and the Cricket ident seems to have a story behind it.
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