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Al Jazeera English & Al Jazeera America

st1407 posted:
So, on Astra digital you can see promos for the new Al-Jazeera network. Has anyone some caps of the promos or videos for the pc? That would be great. Thanks

There's an old version on YouTube:
It's been updated now including some more presenters

Incidently there's another YouTube clip of the Arabic AJ's idents and title sequences. They're quite good (if a little 'Day Today' in parts!):
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CNN International

ginnyfan posted:
What is going on with CNN? For the last 15 minutes Sky News is showing a Breaking News about the release of the tape of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. CNN however is still expecting the tape to be released and YWT is extended.
BBC World is also showing it now. Only CNN is still waiting....

Yes, I saw the 'tape'* on Sky just before 7pm... but News 24 and CNN are still waiting.

*disappointingly it's a frame by frame piece of CCTV
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Al Jazeera English & Al Jazeera America

Jane Lewis Fan posted:
This is who will also be join AJI (Quote taken from Sundayherald):

"Paul McKinney, former head of news at STV, has resurfaced with a senior role at Al Jazeera in Qatar. McKinney quit STV in October 2004, reportedly after a disagreement over strategy. He has spent the intervening months at Oxfam. At least Al Jazeera eschews sensationalism. Ahem."

And of course that Sunday Herald journalist has fluent understanding of Arabic so that they could watch Al Jazeera and make comment on it. Rolling Eyes
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Coronation Street

cymru148 posted:
Her famous appearances on 'The Word' singing I will Survive, Television X -Appearing to lick a mans ... and her wonderful performance in the 1994 classic Adult Pantomime, Mike Reid's 'Pussy In Boots' playing Poison Ivy. I will stick my autographed photo of Lynn up in my student house living room for me and my friends to remember a woman who provided so much to talk about.

IIRC her leaving Coronation street wasn't entirely amicable - she had cologen injections in her lips which weren't entirly compatible with her role.

After being suspended she started to believe her own publicity, went on The Word etc and then got killed off
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CNN International

noggin posted:

The opening titles after the headlines are very subtle - I'd almost say too subtle - but I'm not sure the BBC Sport style resolve at the end (i.e. a red strip and the programme name) quite works - it doesn't quite match the music properly, so they mix off a bit quickly in visual terms (though in time to the music). The title music also seems to clash slightly with the headline bed (almost like a key change) However the top of the hour DVE moves, keyed wipe/layer effects and headline graphics are very nicely done.

Love the checkerboard-like mix between the headlines and the studio

The programme names remind me of Sky News' - they look too plain with just the name in the centre of the screen. The beeps in the main title music is very BBC like


However - for a US news network I think it looks classy, clean, fresh and very international. The text size isn't huge and thumping, and no hint of a 12line drop or block shadow! It strikes me as very much in a European mould to be honest...

The diffrence in styles really shows when they have CNN US programmes on CNNi. I really don't like the American style
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CNN International

Arkamus posted:

I wonder who is responsible for the new look?,,1699064,00.html

The new look was overseen by the network's creative director, Mark Wright, along with London-based independent consultant Frank Lampen and various international creative agencies.

Much better than what they have now, and it looks few less American than in the past. Shame they haven't gone for a new logo as the original article said
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The Sport Thread

bbcsport posted:
I think the current black/yellow generic look will be around for a while, considering they have employed it in so many outlets. All BBC Sport broadcasts are based around it, as is the website.

The old scheme was used by all their outlets too.

They tend to introduce their new 'looks' to co-incide with a big sporting event. IIRC this one came in at the start of the 6 nations about 3 years ago (at least that's when I first saw it) . World Cup coming up... if it's going to change it'll be then
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ITV London Tonight

Isonstine posted:

I still think he's obnoxious though - just something about him...though perhaps a certain amount is needed to be a politician and all that. He's certainly got a brass neck (esp over the Oliver Finegold affair) and well for that...fair play to him.

He's been described as being like Marmite.... you either love him or hate him, he's very devisive
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ITV London Tonight

Isonstine posted:
Basically a cherade that will result in........nothing.

Questionning the mayor never gets anywhere. He's an obnoxious ****er anyway with no interest in the wellbeing on the average Londoner. Nice idea though.

At least he does regular Q&A sessions, which other politician in the UK appears on live radio phone-ins every month? If you've heard them (on LBC and BBC London) he does take quite a bit on board from the callers.

I've got a lot of time for Ken, unlike most of his fellow politicians he does what he thinks is best, talks straight and doesn't fudge around
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The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Thread

Joe Havard posted:
I've just seen the new 6:30pm Look North start up. Instead of the BBC News closing titles, a BBC1 trailer and a local BBC1 ident, the Look North Titles start as soon as George and Sophie in London say goodbye. How ridiculous.

Not ridiculous at all. It gets rid of the turn-over point between the 2 programmes.

The regions have been trying to get rid of that trail for many years
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ITV London Tonight

Londoner posted:
Isonstine posted:
BBC London doing what it should be doing tonight...showing London Tonight up to be a **** poor programme.

Interesting to see BBC London being held to account on NewsWatch tonight.

Can't say that I shared the complainant's view that the programme runs a disproportionate number of crime stories.

Yeah, interesting (it's availiable to watch online by the way). Not sure what he expects to see on 'London' News (despite living in Hertfordshire).... but if he doesn't want many crime stories then he's watching the wrong regional news. The London region has a high level of crime, perfectly understandable considering that 1/5th of the population of the country live in the region . Perhaps he ought to invest in a Sky box and watch Anglia/Look East or any of the other regions where virtually nothing happens on a daily basis?
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ITV London Tonight

I T V 1 posted:

Whereabouts in the Theatre of News? Is it directley below or further back? It must be a huge space!

I think the 2 main studios are away from the aitrium at the back of the building. The Channel 4,5 and London Tonight studios are essentially converted office space rather than a proper purpose-built studio
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The NEW Central West and BBC Midlands thread

cameramonkeyreturns posted:
As far as I am aware BBC Birmingham is still the network evac. centre which means it can opt in to Net. One and Two.

I don't really see the connection between a local opt and taking over the whole country.

Although Birmingham no longer has that role, as mentioned above


The main gallery has got a tiny pres gallery at the back shared with graphics, you can just see it from the public space, my friend tells me they do the breakfast opts from there, but have the ability to opt into either network from that gallery as well! :

That's quite standard in regional centres. The 'pres gallery' is set up so a bulletin can be run by just 1 person, they're also used for programme opts and time-shifts. Although there is at least one centre I know of where they've incorporated one-person operation into the main gallery.